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Published: August 15th 2007
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The confence has been uneventful unfortunately. Other then Faddens stuff it is limited to nifty. It has given me perspective on my role at Landmark especially with pulling away from New England for a bit. We did visit the UNC library and they had an amazing veiw from the 10th floor which was rare books. I will drop those online once I can get them off my card.
Tommorrow Professor is coming in to lecture on Assistive Technology and he's from Colorado so it should be more engaging.

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Cutting Edge TechnologyCutting Edge Technology
Cutting Edge Technology

I found this in Radio Shack. I think its the new retro model. A must have for the teen in your life.
!0th Floor 1!0th Floor 1
!0th Floor 1

Great veiw of the campus.
!0th Floor 2!0th Floor 2
!0th Floor 2

Great veiw of the campus.
Artwork from the 10th floorArtwork from the 10th floor
Artwork from the 10th floor

I can remember who it is but it was pretty cool.
Cone of SilenceCone of Silence
Cone of Silence

Boy in the plastic bubble has nothing on this womans book collection. This is the rare book department. A temperature and humitity controlled room to preserve books of local area authors.
Don't tap the glass.Don't tap the glass.
Don't tap the glass.

We had to tell Emily to not tap the glass because is scared the fish.
Manners or Restraint controlManners or Restraint control
Manners or Restraint control

Sometime its best just to not speak with your mouth full.
24hr access 24hr access
24hr access

When you just gotta get away.

Its not Friday its Monday. Damn:(

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