Big Bus and mystery roads.

Published: August 7th 2007
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I got to the bus station about 8:30pm after seeing see a cop escort a guy out of the train station I felt it better to grab my ticket and head back up the street were I seem like the sketch guy. Once the bus finally came around it was 5 hours of cyro-stasis broken up by mystery parking lots and bus station breaks. It wasn't too bad as the trip was over night. Watch the world sleep something different under each street light. You think different at night about were you are and were you have been its something I've needed for a while. It was kind of fun to take the night ride over. Definitely out of my comfort zone but thats why I'm here to learn about something different. When I got into Savannah Mike was right its not a place I want to hang around. The paper I pick up had and article on his band Turtle Folk. I'm really excite to see them play they had an amazing sound on the CD. It didn't take him long to get there and I was thankful for him being willing to come so early in the morning. Off to his apartment to rest my head. I have rarely been this thankful for a coach.


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