Charlotte Landing

Published: August 8th 2007
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Got into Charlotte about 7:00pm and the search begins. After a bunch of phone calls and question of people in the area I find bus number 5 and confirmed somewhere to rest my head in the morning. So many bus and no idea were they go. I wonder what would happen if I just sat on one for the fun of it, but then realized I rather not get mugged by the cub scouts after dark. On to a bus I found a bunch of little maps that should help when I come back around next week. The bus driver was kamikaze trained and intent on a mission to get where he was going. We run 3 stoplights and break hard at the fourth. The bus driver forgets to drop me off just before the end of the route so I go to the bus station which was absolutely awesome. The architecture and lighting is unreal in the area. I took some picture but they didn’t come out too well. It was amazing just to walk around and see the statues and art.


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