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August 3rd 2007
Published: August 7th 2007
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Went out with Mke to a bar named Loco were his band Turtle Folk is performing. Grab burger and Guinness and then hung around for setup and sound check. It stange how much I enjoy wraping and organizing wires. Not to chatty because there was some some things going on in New England but it was great to just hang out and listened. The fun came at the end of the night during break down the was fight going on outside. I stayed in side and wrapped cables all I saw was people going in and out. In the process of helping to pack up cables I figured out a new rating system for cables. There were three categories cables need to withstand
1. Booze
2. Cigaretts
3. Stupid Hot Groupie who stand on them.

I give Turtle folks set up
3 Shots
One Carton
2 ½ Stupid Hot Groupies.

After everything was packed up I got to drive the cadalac home. It was such and nice drive through the city streets. This is really a beatiful experience of the south. After we got home mike relize his guitar wasn't there so out again we went to track it down. Honestly it was so much fun to zip around looking for the lost guitar. In the end it was in the band van all the time like if figured. Band drama is quite the experience.


12th August 2007

Sounds like fun!
Wow only a few days out of New England and you find yourself among a bar fight and hot groupies. Sounds like an interesting trip already. Stay safe!

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