Day 3 The Maiden Voyage

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July 7th 2015
Published: June 23rd 2017
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Day 3 was a transition day for us where we planned one additional Niagara attraction then off on our journey. Boy did we save a good one for the end. Dodging fellow humans for two days in an attempt to experience the wonders of nature seems like a contradiction to me. So, I was surprised when we took a boat to the base of the falls I didn't mind the others on the boat vying for prime positioning. Alex and I found our spot early and enjoyed the magnificent mist soaking cruise. From the bottom you are able to forget all the hustle and bustle in the streets above. I was really able to appreciate the shear size of Niagara and what it must have been like back before the modernization if the area. Except for leaving my drybag attached to the railing and almost losing all of our money and passports, it was incredible. We went back to town and I got my barrel ready. Jk, I would have but it's illegal.
Packed up, we set off for Lethwich State park, ranked number 1 in the country. I was amazed by all the farmland we passed, given this is New York. Once we arrived, we set up in our authentic mini log cabin and ventured out for a walk. If I mention poison ivy in a later blog, this is where it came from. I could explain the magnificent cliffs, 500 feet over the river, or the waterfall appearing to just shoot out of the cliff face, but what entertainment would that provide? So let's talk about the fallen tree instead. Now mind you, I consider it my responsibility to bring Alex back in one piece which he sometimes struggles with, like when he approaches a 300 foot cliff and tries to look over the lip. So obviously, when he says Dad, watch this as he points to a log that has fallen across a dried creek about 10 feet up, I, turn the GoPro on. I think this is the part where I was set up. He made it a few feet before turning back. Well obviously I couldn't just walk away, so in famous Steve Steve fashion, I say watch this, and away I go, camera in hand. The first couple feet went great, even going smoothly to the middle. It was about at that point though when a heckler in the woods, thought it would be funny to start putting doubt in my head at a most inopportune moment. All I remember is starting to faulter, speed up to make it the rest of the way, then giving one last leap to try to reach the other side. I didn't quite make it, to the extreme amusement of my heckler. my bag, camera, and self went sprawling down the side of the hill. I was thrilled to have been the entertainment of the day, which was not yet over...
to be continued...


8th July 2015

Figures, even in NC I suspected Alex was the most level headed of us all..well, except for his relentless attack on the bees nest
8th July 2015

Uh, did you not read the part before? :)
8th July 2015

I wish I had been the heckler! On another note, I tried my hardest to purchase your Nightmare picture and even sent them a picture of you two while pleading to put it up on FB or the website, but they denied me. They told me I could come an
d buy it but I said that wasn't an option:/
9th July 2015

uh, just a log 10 feet in the air, eh? Want to see the go pro on that!!
9th July 2015

I have had to catch up on two entries in one day and see that you were the entertainment two days in a row. (shaking my head) I am having some severe flashbacks of when you were little, especially the part where you left your dry bag with
money and passports. The part of Alex standing on the edge of the cliff had me flashing back to MX when the guide was holding onto a tree and you over the edge of the cliff while I was internally screaming. Not a pretty memory. I am glad you are having fun but have the overwhelming need to tell you to be careful but then you are still in the US area and the hospitals are pretty close so have fun!! Love you both, Mom
9th July 2015

Glad you two enjoyed it, the boat ride is my favorite. Really enjoying your daily blogs!
16th July 2015

Hmm, second post I've read where you are falling down lol something is wrong with this picture

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