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October 8th 2010
Published: October 8th 2010
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Needed a quiet day and had a lot of readings to do and as the sun was at it's most glorious, decided to venture uptown to Central Park. It's amazing how everyone seems to have a lift in their walk when it's sunny outside, and so warm too. The park was teaming with school children doing their cross country runs, a bevy of Upper East Siders doing their mandatory "walk-my-purebred" strolls and throngs of tourists wandering about and savouring the greenery that is sometimes (but not always), lacking in the city.

Readings accomplished, Vitamin D extracted and inner tranquility accomplished, I decided to have a quick stroll onto Park Avenue and Madison Avenue to see what all the fuss was about. The first thing I noticed was the infamous residence, "The Sherry Netherland", home to many celebrities...including Ms. Ross herself. No worries, I had no weaponry and did not hang out around the exquisitely ornate entrance awaiting her arrival or departure. I'll save that for a day when I'm better equipped with one of my own glittery frocks!

All of the buildings close to the park, both residential and commercial, cater to the wealthy. The streets are lined with designer shops and I went into Barney's on Madison Avenue. I spied a lovely, soft fall sweater and recoiled when I saw the price tag....$2000.00! It was so funny that the first thing I noticed is that the store does not subscribe to the concept of "SALE"! or "50% OFF" signs! Everything is tastefully laid out, clerks are incredibly well dressed and coiffed, manners abound and I guess...let's just say that money really does talk! As a matter of fact, I listened in on a conversation between a husband and wife, trying to settle on a birthday gift for a friend...imagine debating whether you should buy them Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana...imagine more so that they hadn't even looked at the price tag! If money doesn't buy you some happiness, it sure brings you some freedom.

How ironic that when I went back "downtown" on the subway there was a homeless person asking people in my subway car for money so he could buy something to eat. A few people donated but this is not the first time I have witnessed this on the subway cars. I constantly keep seeing the same group of five men who busk on the car, very beautifully I might add, an a capella version of "Stand By Me". Somehow, there is a common thread to be found in everything I experienced today and while a bit weary and starstruck by this city, I will find that answer at some point I hope.


9th October 2010

how refreshing
What a treat to read your recent blog[ hate that word] You write so beautifully and I can sence you are absorbing the many vibes of NY.and i guess you are right ... there is a connection in some strange way. But the wealth and energy of the city is something you cnannot escape. Keep on enjoying every moment of it!! take care . Ken

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