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September 8th 2010
Published: September 8th 2010
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Feeling a lot better this morning. Sickness gone, eager to get out and take on New York! Going to check out Ground Zero today as the crowds will be massive come Saturday's anniversary. Also going to walk across the Queensboro Bridge, which should afford some spectacular photos. Laura recommended the 5 storey M&Ms shop to me, which sounds...unfeasible. 😊

Blog later, probably when you're all tucked up in bed having nightmares about work tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I've been having some very strange work dreams. I dreamt I took the kids of Regents out for the day to an Irish pub (therapy?) and that the EPs were doing speedboat training on the Thames! Ideas worth considering for the future perhaps?


8th September 2010

just to let you know I got your message ok, sent reply hope you got that. should save you getting another phone.
8th September 2010

Glad you're feeling better
Walking around NY is really rather cool, there's lots to see and it's a good way to take in the place, so if you're feeling up to it I can certainly recommend it. Check out the last minute ticket booth in Times Square too as you can get some bargains if you're willing to go right off to a show.
9th September 2010

Hi Steve - We're missing you but not getting through as many hankies as when I first discovered you had left during the schools holidays to avoid the trauma of saying goodbye to all the iTeam - or having to scale their huggability! Have a wonderful time. Enjoy every moment, enjoy the freedom and have fun. Love Sue x
9th September 2010

My phone is working fine, even though it'snot supposed to because US is on tri-band and UK is on duo-band. Strangely my laptop is not picking up wi-fi, presumably for the same reason. Maybe because Vodafone is American my mobile (sorry, cellphone) works fine.
9th September 2010

I was worried there would be too many fights in the I Team about their huggability ratings if I didn't leave when I did, so in the interests of health and safety, I went during the summer hols. Should anyone still wish to obtain a rating, I am available again on February 28th 2011.:)
9th September 2010

Did you say 'cellphone' in your earlier comment? Man you're picking up the local lingo fast! Next you'll be saying 'candy' instead of chocolate, and 'sneakers' instead of trainers. Just make sure you don't do any 'jaywalking' off the 'sidewalk'! xx ;)
9th September 2010

I'm afraid I've been jaywalking off the sidewalk quite a lot. I even did it in front of a police car! That's me, Johnny Reb.
12th September 2010

Phones & Stuff
Tri-Band just means that your phone can work on three frequency bands, so one of the frequencies that your phone receives is one of the ones that the US uses, so all is good and as it's meant to be. WiFi on the other hand should "just work" without of any that multi-band fluff that phones go through.

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