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September 9th 2010
Published: September 9th 2010
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Just some general thoughts about things I have noticed here,

Everything in New York is gigantic. The bridges are vast, two level, multi-laned collosi, the roads are all very wide and the buildings are simply monstrous. And as for the meat portions...

I ordered a chicken dippers starter and got four whole chicken breasts covered in breadcrumbs. As a starter! In most places burgers start at 8oz. Those that don't start at 10oz! It makes Wetherspoon's 6oz burger look like a wimp's breakfast. Yesterday I ordered a beef and guiness stew for lunch and got what must have been around 12oz of braised steak, plus mashed potato! Needless to say I didn't have much for dinner that evening, a bit of marble cake was all.

The sun remains terribly fierce and I got somewhat overheated walking around yesterday. There was quite a wind blowing but it was just like standing next to a fan oven when you open the door. Despite this the fashion in New York among gentlemen is for socks and sandals. Pay attention, guys, that's what you're gonna be wearing this time next year. Such a hot look!

The flag is absolutely everywhere. It's on every subway train, every bus and every other building. It really means something to people in a way our flag doesn't. Trouble is, according to the TV programmes I've seen, everybody seems to have a different interpretation of what type of freedom and whose freedom it actually stands for!

The other thing to note is that hotels have problems. My sister said that when she stayed in NY people would knock at her hotel door in the middle of the night to try to get her to open it. If you do, they rob you. My door has been banged on the last couple of nights in a row at around 2 in the morning. Needless to say I haven't opened it and it does have a chain and a bolt but even so, it doesn't make me feel very comfortable or safe. Is a security guard too much to ask!?!


9th September 2010

So will you be leaving New York weighing in at 20 stone then after all those super-size portions? So, socks and sandals eh? I know one person that would love to go back to that style, even though it took me ages, while living at home, to convince him that it was not a good look (I think you know who I mean ;)).Whatever you do, definitely DO NOT open your door any time of the day or night to anyone. Good that you have a bolt and chain, but I'm not surprised it makes you feel uneasy, it was disturbing for Me and Frances too. Thankfully they seem to be opportunists though, and if they don't get an open door after one or two knocks they disappear. Perhaps you could ask someone at the hotel whether other guests have mentioned it too?
12th September 2010

Hotel Security
I've never heard of that and never had any problems when I was there. However maybe I was just lucky and you've drawn a short straw. Is it worth asking at reception if there is something going on?
20th September 2010

Hotel door

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