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September 7th 2010
Published: September 7th 2010
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Hotel WindowHotel WindowHotel Window

The spectacular view from my hotel window!
Hello from New York. Finally got here yesterday after an epic journey which taught me never to go the cheap route on long haul flights. I won't bore you with all the details but suffice to say that everything was delayed from the M25 onwards, I got air sick, nearly wasn't let on the NY flight and wound up getting here at 3:30am GMT having left home at 7am GMT the day before. It's Virgin Atlantic all the way for me next time! The only bonus was that one of the films on the flight was Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakel. Not as funny as the original but still existentially satisfying as an exiguously metaphorical take on rodent society. Actually so was Lily Cole in Dr Parnassus, but in a less rodenty way.

Anyways, woke up this morning feeling sick and lonely so decided just to do a random walkabout. Hotel is in the middle of an industrial area on Long Island that seriously needs a lick of paint. It's worse than Hackney! 😊 Walked around Manhattan feeling billious but found the perfect cure in the Pig and Whistle Irish pub. Talked to a very nice woman in there
Queensboro BridgeQueensboro BridgeQueensboro Bridge

Looking east from Manhattan across the East River, my hotel is between the right most visible supporting arch and the chimney stack to its left. Can you see me waving?
called Laura who perked me up no end (well, her and the 2 pints!) and felt a lot better. Have done Starbucks and McDonalds already but am now going to take it easy this evening in the hotel, recover my strength and be up bright and early for tomorrow.

New York is a lot like London only with taller buildings and straighter streets. The Metro is however much grubbier and looks like its derelict, until you see hundreds of people streaming onto trains. People seem very nice and it's very cosmopolitan. The trouble is it's hot, steamy and muggy. Being a city surrounded by water it's like walking through a sauna. It's around 30c out there. I wish I'd have brought my Hawaiian shirts now! (That should answer your question Sam 😊).

Couple of photos for now. Expect more tomorrow. Got free internet in my room so will update regularly while I can.


8th September 2010

Steve, I think arriving somewhere new is almost always a bit crap . . but well done to you and Laura for improving things! Move to Manhattan -maybe Greenwich village or East Village. At least you might get a moreinteresting view out of your hotel window! Looking forward to hearing more.

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