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North America » United States » New York » Hyde Park July 20th 2016

Once I got out of the NYC area, this day was just one pleasant surprise after another. It was indeed a great day for travelling. The weather was spectacular - sunny but not too warm. I spent more time outside today than I had anticipated, but it was the perfect day for enjoying the out-of-doors. I suppose my day can be divided into three parts: Sleepy Hollow, Hyde Park, and Kinderhook. Since I spent the most time in Hyde Park, that is where I 'located' this journal entry. First off, let me say that the Knights Inn in Pine Brook, NJ, is no luxury stop. It'll do if you need a bed, and the neighborhood appeared to be safe; but the sink area was unclean and the bed was hard as a rock. I left a ... read more
I had the privilege of paying $15 to cross the George Washington Bridge
Map of Sleepy Hollow cemetery
The Headless Horseman Bridge (not the original)

North America » United States » New York » Hyde Park March 4th 2011

My goal for today was one of the most mythologized landscapes in the US, the Hudson River Valley. The valley is a classic glacial river valley, and very pretty. It has inspired artists and writers for hundreds of years, and even gave its name to a painting movement (the Hudson River school, which romanticized the American landscape). Given its close proximity to New York City, the wealthy started building homes here as soon as the early 1700s. The tread really took off during the Gilded Age, when there were over 75 grand estates along the river. Most are gone at this point, but 15 that remain are open to the public as historic sites. Unfortunately, most only operate during the tourist season, which are definitel... read more
Front door of Springwood
FDR's Hudson Valley

North America » United States » New York » Hyde Park December 9th 2010

Upon reflecting on my impression of New York City, I came to the conclusion that it is a city of contradictions. It is probably the city that characterizes the United States more than any other, yet it is amazingly diverse with experts estimating as many as 800 languages being spoken there. It is so modern, we tend to forget its historical significance as the first capital of our nation and the site of the inauguration of our first President. On the surface, it is incredibly crowded and noisy, yet there are beautiful places where one can experience moments of deep reflection and, yes, even solitude. Its people are brash, busy and boisterous, yet they treat others with kindness, patience, and respect. My exploration of New York began with a trip just north of the City to ... read more

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