East Coast Tour - Day 18

Published: July 23rd 2016
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The Bridge is Out!!!The Bridge is Out!!!The Bridge is Out!!!

You can see where the bridge dives underwater/underground to allow for the passing of deep hulled vessels. This is a long long bridge.
Day 18 - Virginia Beach to Jersey City

It's a long drive from Virginia Beach to Jersey City and we had hoped to start out with some historical sites just north of Atlantic Ave. We found out, however, that they are within the boundaries of a military base, and Tony impressed the guard at the gate with the excellent turning radius of our rig. On our way we went over/through the Cheasepeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. It was considered one of the greatest feats of engineering in the 1970's when it was designed and built. It has 4 man-made island that are connected by 2 tunnels and 3 bridges to span the Cheasepeake Bay. Tony has been excited about this bridge since he first started planning the trip. We stopped at the viewing platform (and restaurant) on the first island before continuing on to the other side of the the bay. It's exciting to be in the middle of the bay on an island. Tony thinks it feels more isolated than the bridges on the Florida keys. We went through 3 states today, Maryland, Deleware, and New Jersey on our way to Jersey City. We stopped for lunch in a town called
Going DooooownGoing DooooownGoing Dooooown

The first island (Northbound) has a viewing area and pier, plus a restaurant and bathrooms. The other islands do not, so it's worthwhile to make a stop here. turning around could be tough in long vehicles if it's crowded.
Princess Anne and in Princeton to meet with Michelle's friend Esperanza and her family and to have dinner. Esperanza and her family moved back to Pennsylvania before the end of the school year. She and Michelle have been talking regularly since then. We made it to our RV park by 8 PM after some pretty harrowing driving in the heart of Jersey City. The Park was right at the edge of the marina, and we took a short walk to find out where we could catch the ferry to Liberty State Park in the morning. We could see the statue of liberty from the park and were treated to some fireworks of unknown origin before heading to bed.

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You Are HereYou Are Here
You Are Here

Multi-phase construction over decades. Tunnels, low and high bridges, and rest stops... nicely done.
Second Time AroundSecond Time Around
Second Time Around

The road was rough and traffic was heavy (you can't tell here). Plus the sign is small, all of which caused us to miss it the first time, and get this blurry pic the second. Not turning around again.

Possibly the most important city we have been in.
And then DelawareAnd then Delaware
And then Delaware

Delaware was pleasant, and uneventful. Exactly what we were looking for today.
Cool BridgeCool Bridge
Cool Bridge

Getting warmed up for New York City, I guess... but it was cool to look at.

The New Jersey sign was a few miles into the state. We thought we missed it, but there was a lot of lane switching and splitting of freeways, so Anne kept the camera out... good thing.
New JerseyNew Jersey
New Jersey

Esperanza got to put on New Jersey.. because.. that's where we were (of course).

Thanks Ruth!
Brotherly MarylandBrotherly Maryland
Brotherly Maryland

Thanks for helping us fill in the map.
Stay SillyStay Silly
Stay Silly

After months apart, they picked up like it was yesterday. Esperanza was not told they would be meeting us.
Cross Country FriendsCross Country Friends
Cross Country Friends

Well, neither ran cross country, actually, but they are friends... and they live across the country...
Surprise FireworksSurprise Fireworks
Surprise Fireworks

What is that booming.. oh no, are we being attacked... Nope, just random New York fireworks, and we had a great view!

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