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North America » United States » New Jersey » Hammonton July 9th 2011

Alright, quick one today since we basically just drove all day. We left a little later than planned... uhm, noon haha, but that's ok. Border-crossing took two seconds, there were no cars which was nice, and then we went straight down to Watertown for a grocery run - time to hit the road! We drove straight down Watertown to Hammonton - 6h30. Drive down was fun - we took note of all the cities we passed thru, such as Mexico, Moscow, Belfast, Bethlehem and Berlin to name a few. (There are also a crap load of Wawa Markets in NJ) Driving across New Jersey... we now understand the stereotype and the jokes re: the smell of NJ. Yep. It is quite something. Every 10min or so we'd encounter a new smell... and 9 out of 10 ... read more
Early moon
High peed!

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