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Published: July 10th 2011
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On the open roadOn the open roadOn the open road

Heading out thru NY State
Alright, quick one today since we basically just drove all day.

We left a little later than planned... uhm, noon haha, but that's ok. Border-crossing took two seconds, there were no cars which was nice, and then we went straight down to Watertown for a grocery run - time to hit the road!

We drove straight down Watertown to Hammonton - 6h30. Drive down was fun - we took note of all the cities we passed thru, such as Mexico, Moscow, Belfast, Bethlehem and Berlin to name a few.

(There are also a crap load of Wawa Markets in NJ)

Driving across New Jersey... we now understand the stereotype and the jokes re: the smell of NJ. Yep. It is quite something. Every 10min or so we'd encounter a new smell... and 9 out of 10 weren't exactly pleasant 😉

Found the hotel with no problems though! Always a good sign at the end of a long day.

Tomorrow we're headed down to Atlantic City and I'm not quite sure what else. Supposed to be super hot around here though, so we'll see.

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10th July 2011

how's your hotel? is it nice? i'm not really sure why I'm leaving my comment on here, since you probably can't respond this way. oh well.. just to prove i'm reading your blog maybe? :P Feel free to bring me back something kashi related!!!!
11th July 2011

re: Em
I can respond here, doesn't mean you'll see it haha. I'll message you once we're in Washington anyway. Yay for reading =P Hotel near Atlantic City was good. It's a Howard Johnson, so nothing amazingly spiffy, but it's clean and sound doesn't carry which is nice. I shall hunt Kashi for you =P

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