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North America » United States » New Hampshire » Gorham June 29th 2017

This morning it was a little sad to say goodbye to Paulette & Kevin, it was great to spend a few days with them. Chef Paulette made her final delicious breakfast and we loaded up the bike and waved farewell. She and Kevin were very gracious hosts and we had such a good time while we were there. This morning, the weather report was not so good, it called for rain for an 2 hours starting at noon followed by rain all night starting at 6. When we left, the skies were cloudy, but no sign of rain yet. The plan for today was to head east on the Kancamagus Highway to Conway and then turn north to the Mt Washington Auto Road and ride to the top of Mt Washington on the bike. We had ... read more
Kancamagus - Mountains in the Distance
Kancamagus - Jody & Bike at the Scenic View
Kancamagus - Waterfall at the Gorge

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Gorham August 9th 2013

9 August, 2013 We said goodbye to Gena and Bob Wednesday night, as we knew they would be out early the next morning. They have to be in Southwest Harbor, Maine, for a wedding on Saturday. We always have fun together and will miss them. We were undecided what to do next, but upon consideration and discussion, are making our way toward home and family. We left Baddeck a mere 3 hours behind Gena and Bob, about average for us. We drove across Nova Scotia and then through New Brunswick. Trans Canada Highway 2 (TCH 2) is a funny road through New Brunswick. Between Moncton and Fredericton you don’t see any other cities, just exits. Again it was like driving on a four-lane through the wilderness. Between Moncton and Fredericton it started raining and continued all ... read more
Look closely
Campground by the lake
Back in the USA

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Gorham August 6th 2013

We had a wonderful ride from Bangor to Gorham NH. We did 95 for an hour. 95 in Maine is deserted. We made good time to the north western part of the state and to our favorite roads. We took route 17 to an amazing lookout out called the "Height of the Land." From the lookout you can see some lakes, mountains and forest. You do think you are at the top of the world. From there, we got on Rt. 16, our very most favorite road in New England. Lots of elevation changes and sweeping turns. The best part there is virtually no one else on the road. We found a pond (or what we now know is part of a river) on our travels four years ago. We have a picture of this spot ... read more

North America » United States » New Hampshire » Gorham September 18th 2010

We arrived here on Friday after traveling a grueling 57 miles from St. Johnsbury, VT. I know, I know, we are turning into ODF's but the states are so small that if we travel too far we miss a state or two. We found a nice little park to stay and then went back into town to check things out. We found the Walmart and stocked up on groceries, ate some dinner and called it a day. On Saturday we took the advice of the camp owner and did a scenic loop which turned out to be really nice. The leaves are starting to turn but beyond that the scenery here is beautiful. We are in the Whiteface Mountains and we ran into some people while we were in Michigan who told us to make sure ... read more
Balsam Hotel NH
Balsam Hotel Entrance
Balsam Hotel

Hello to our Fellow Travelers, It's so nice to have your comments on the blog and on emails to keep us company. Today was a quieter day, and in Vermont and New Hampshire that is partlly because everything that one would want to take a side trip to see is closed on Sunday. So, we left Bulington to take a turn on Highway 2--a two lane highway from Vermont to Gorham, New Hampshire. We are in a lovely court motel, but upstairs, overlooking Mt. Washington in the White Mountains. John decided that he wanted to stay upstairs before he had been travelling for 11 days and carrying our luggage almost single arm does not hurt quite as much, but lets me know if I am using all. We are under cloudy skies and low ... read more
Eating in a Bank Vault
The beginning of Day 11
Montpelier, VT

On a clear very cold February day Tommy, Jim, Scott and myself went up Mt. Washington auto road in one of the Great Glen Snow Cats. The “Cats” are these great specially equipped four track vans for driving in snow. We rode on the snow pack up above the tree line on the auto road that in summer goes to the summit of Mt. Washington. At times we were driving up the road on over 8 feet of packed snow. Unfortunately we were unable to get any clear views of the top of the mountain on our ride up because of a series snow squalls. We weren't able to drive to the summit of the mountain but did get above the tree line just above 4000 feet in elevation. Rich our driver was a real bonus, ... read more
Mt. Washington Auto Road
Mt. Washington Auto Road
Mt. Washington Auto Road

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