Day 11

Published: September 13th 2010
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The End of the DayThe End of the DayThe End of the Day

This is where we ended up after a quiter The SAALT Pub in Gorhanm New Hampshire
Hello to our Fellow Travelers,

It's so nice to have your comments on the blog and on emails to keep us company.
Today was a quieter day, and in Vermont and New Hampshire that is partlly because everything that one would want to take a side trip to see is closed on Sunday. So, we left Bulington to take a turn on Highway 2--a two lane highway from Vermont to Gorham, New Hampshire. We are in a lovely court motel, but upstairs, overlooking Mt. Washington in the White Mountains. John decided that he wanted to stay upstairs before he had been travelling for 11 days and carrying our luggage almost single arm does not hurt quite as much, but lets me know if I am using all.

We are under cloudy skies and low temperatures. We went from the high 70's to the low 60's (40's and 50's at night) without warning. Brief showers all day today. Where is that heat wave on the East Coast that I packed for? John has been put on warning that I will probably have to go shopping AGAIN. I don't know how, but I am continuing to lose weight and
Eating in a Bank VaultEating in a Bank VaultEating in a Bank Vault

Cozy dinner in a remodeled bank.
my clothes are getting baggier and baggier--perhaps I need a zip up snow suit to solve many wardrobe problems at once. A lime green one, I think....

Our agenda today?? Get laundry done, have an easy day and get to bed early. John watched golf and I actually worked on sorting out some of the records that I copied on my elusive immigrant ancestor. For our Foodie Fans out there: tonight we ate at the SAALT Pub (forgot to ask about the name.) Lovely pub fare of exceptional soup - French Onion in a teensy Le Creuset dutch oven for me, and a cup of squash, apple and fennel for John; a smoked bacon and cheddar sandwich for John and a broiled chicken leg for me; accompanied by a simple salad of greens and a good olive oil and vinegar dressing. Perfect for a cold evening when you can feel the season beginning to change. Perfect that we were seated in a tiny bank vault.

Tomorrow we head into Bar Harbor, Maine, which is supposed to be in the low 50's during the day ( I am going to get that snow suit...) There are supposed to be
The beginning of Day 11The beginning of Day 11The beginning of Day 11

Driving out of Burlington Vermont under cloudy skies
some wonderful walks to take in Acadia National Park and a drive up Cadillac Mountain is a must, I hear.

A quiet Sunday--bliss!

Max/Momma and John

Additional photos below
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Montpelier, VTMontpelier, VT
Montpelier, VT

The smallest state capital in the USA...Home to many interresting people if the supermarket is any indication
Look CloselyLook Closely
Look Closely

Can you see the fall colors just beginning?
Coming into New HampshireComing into New Hampshire
Coming into New Hampshire

We chose Hwy 2 for a lazy scenic drive
New HampshireNew Hampshire
New Hampshire

No idea what this is... just old and along the way.
Lunenberg, NHLunenberg, NH
Lunenberg, NH

An old guide book sent us here.....closed since 1987, a covered bridge over the Connecticut River
Fall Color?Fall Color?
Fall Color?

Just beginning to turn...temps in the 60's....Racing towards Fall and my need for warmer clothes.
Into the White MountainsInto the White Mountains
Into the White Mountains

We are spending the evening looking out over Mount Washington.

13th September 2010

OK, you've made me homesick for my family in the Hamptoms. Booked a flight today to attend my cousins wedding in October. Then driving into New York City to meet an old boyfriend and his wife for some fun...Then maybe a drive to Province Town... So enjoying your blogging, and quit making hungry :))
13th September 2010

I think I may have been born on the wrong coast
Wow! How beautiful!!! And while i AM referring to the pictures of Vermont and new Hampshire, i DO think the lime green snowsuit would be just the ticket.....
13th September 2010

So far the average high in September has been almost 30 degrees cooler than in August. Don't know what to expect when you get here--hopefully not Igor which is forming in the Atlantic.
13th September 2010

Mystery Building
The part with the apex roof looks like it might have been a church at one time, and the rest was an ancillary building. Either that or it was some sort of meeting hall. definitely has/had a fireplace

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