Vegas Day Seven

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April 11th 2012
Published: April 13th 2012
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We emerged late and had brunch in Denney's Diner.

We then walked the enitre length of the strip, stopping in various casinos along the way. I have seen more this time than ever before of Vegas, as I have never had the time to walk down the strip by day and see everything. We really liked Pink Flamingoes and Paris casinos. The Paris one is nicely done, with the shopping mall area kittd out with cobbled stone flooring, facades of Parisian houses and cafes, and the main casino ceiling is painted like the sky.

We got the monorail back to our hotel, as we all had blistered feet after the 3 hour walk. The monorrail travels above the casinos and is an eco friendly way of getting about. The only problem is, the stations are quite a walk from the strip, which kinda defeated the purpose.

We had decided to have a go at Bingo in our casino (The Riviera) and just made it back in time to join the 5pm session. I had expected a room of laughter, banter and 'two fat ladies'...but it was a silent hall, with about 25 concentrated faces, multiple screens showing flashing letters and numbers and several bingo attendants.

We were baffled for an hour, as we had no idea what we were doing and muddled our way through, until a helper came and started filling our cards out for us to help us. Neeless to say, we didnt win anything!

After Bingo, we hd dinner at the Wueen Victoria - an 'English' Pub in our hotel. I say 'English' as they had the right idea - serving cheese and cucumber samndwiches, pasties, (whiuch they pronoucnced paysties'😉 and English beers, but they got three of our four orders wrong and the food is as far away from English as you can get.

After dinner, Zoe, Faye and I showered and got ready for a girls night out. We started off at our hotel, redeeming free drink vouchers that we had been given at Bingo. We then got the monorail to the south end of the strip and headed to New York New York, where we gambled. I lost $12, Zoe won $5 and Faye broke a roulette machine.

We then stopped in Diablo Bar (a really cool Mesxican style bar) and had a pitcher of Mango Margarita between us and ogled the cute barman. Then we walked on to various other places, passing a fight en route. We saw and heard the crack of a guy's head being smashed against the concrete as we walked across a bridge and I (being feisty and drunk) wanted to get involved. I screamed at the guy to stop, but luckily Zoe and Faye held me back from getting too close. Violence and fights really upset me and it ruined my night and mood, but the girls cheered me up and we went to Paris, to watch some sort of dance competition, where a Dr Christian (Embaressing Bodies) lookalike was doing the robot. This also cheered me up.

The night was really windy and freezing, and there was hardly anyone out, so we decided to call it a night at about 2am. As the weather got worse, we got a cab back to The Riviera and had a night cap in the Queen Vic, where a slightly sleazy italian guy started chatting to us about our trip.


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