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September 6th 2010
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Vegas Baby! Vegas Baby! Vegas Baby!

You HAVE to find an Elvis to take a picture with.
Vegas Baby!

We took a Labor Day weekend trip to Vegas to escape the rat race for a couple of days. Well at least that’s what I am doing. Colby is here to lose money at the casinos! 😊

We were staying at the Luxor, a hotel shaped like a pyramid because I love Egyptian culture. That’s really the only reason. Plus they have a hot tub suite! Yay hot tubs!

All the hotels look fake though. Luxor, Excalibur, New York, New York, MGM...they try really hard to be ritzy and get your attention. Plus walking down the strip you get accosted by guys and girls giving you tickets to peep shows and nude models at 10% of or something. Its very annoying. The Strip is also very hip and trendy. It’s where the young people hang out.

I myself preferred Glitter Gultch, the old downtown Vegas. Its the Vegas I grew up reading about plus its TACKY! Yay tacky! I loved every minute of it and could of stayed there all night not losing money.

Colby on the other hand can gamble anywhere. He wins some and loses some but it still doesn't attract my
Our Hotel!Our Hotel!Our Hotel!

Luxor! We had a nice Spa Suite! Sweet!
attention. I guess I just can't get into it. I'd rather blow my money on buffets! Which is what I did. I nearly killed myself on buffets. I ate so much at one point that I wanted to go and vomit...and then start anew! Woohoo!

Colby did encourage me to go take a day trip to Hoover Dam. I think it was mostly so he could do a little gambling. "It's just a wall," he said but I knew better!

SO after a 2 hour drive by motor coach with a bunch of older people I was finally able to see for myself. Yep, it's just a HUGE @$$ WALL! The immensity of it is incredible though. I couldn't get over it. I just wish it wasn’t such a hassle to get here.

Afterwards I came back for more Glitter Gultch and casinos and buffets. After a late night it was finally time to go home in the morning. Vegas isn't for me. Sure I liked the glitz and the glamour but OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

I forgot to tell you we went to go see CHER!!!! LOL

He show was awesome! Yet she never finished any of her songs (or so it seemed.) She would start one of her hits in one of her fabulous dresses and then halfway through she would go off for a costume change while dancer circ de soleie all over and then she come back in a new costume and sings another song. It was worth every penny! I can say now that I have seen Cher.

Some people could just die now.

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Hoover DamHoover Dam
Hoover Dam

It really is just a big wall.
Toilets at the Dam.Toilets at the Dam.
Toilets at the Dam.

Or Dam Toilets!
Colordo RiverColordo River
Colordo River

Looking very blue!
Glitter Gultch!!!!Glitter Gultch!!!!
Glitter Gultch!!!!

My favorite place in Vegas (other than the buffets!)

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