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April 16th 2008
Published: May 23rd 2008
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Well, as most of you know, I've been home for a few weeks and well, already I feel like it's time for me to hit the road again! 😊 I was meandering along my international pathway for 249 days, and loved every single MINUTE of it! I think i got homesick once (when the Packers were in the NFC Championship really made me miss my friends and family - MY TEAM!) and only got sick from the strange foods once (my last week in Peru, can you believe it!?) I met so many friends I cannot even count them all, and already I'm trying to plan some trips to see everyone! (Definitely the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, and Newfoundland first - see you soon Marcella, Saskia, Carolina, Samson, Darren, Jonny, Mark, Kara, and Angie!)

To say that traveling is addictive is an understatement....for me it has become a lifestyle! I cannot imagine a life without my passport, because it has opened doors and inspired ideas that I could have never imagined! I feel that I won the gold medal in the rat race at an early age, and now I've been given the opportunity to roam the planet in search of life, happiness, and F-U-N!

I hope to keep up the blog as the adventure continues, and trust me, it will! I'm moving Home Base to Belize at the end of the summer, and I'm looking forward to seeing each of you there! THANK YOU to everyone who has followed me Around The World and especially those who were sending me messages on my travels - its amazing how technology kept us together over the 58,000+ miles. (Yes, i plotted it on the google map and that's the actual mileage! Plus a few more since i probably didn't travel in straight lines!)

Taking this trip around the world has been my #1 goal for about 6 years, and i am so unbelievably lucky and blessed to have completed this journey!! I now recognize that our dreams and goals are in our hearts to motivate and guide us to our happiness. Trust Your Crazy Ideas. 😊


27th May 2008

so glad for you
I'm glad you had such a great experience on your travel. It was fun for me to follow you everywhere you set your feet and enjoy reading about it. Lots of luck with your move to belize. I'm sure you will have a blast and great experience learning and living in paradise. as for me, i've got new challenges and learning to be a mom, but i do love every minute of it! Good luck and keep in touch. love you, charsey
27th May 2008

Thanks for the fun year Steph!!! And the closure. Had fun at breakfast the other day. Enjoy Belize.
28th May 2008

to all the readers.........
well, my stephanie has been in peshtigo a week and practically pacing and thumping her foot the whole time. without her travels and amazing different cultures, she is BORED!! she's off for a couple days to visit madison and milwaukee friends and coming back to help me gear up for a huge rummage sale, yippee!! not quite the adventures she's used to! she worked hard to finish her blogging, but i think she may keep it up since the traveling fun will continue!! now it's our turn to go get our passports since i'm sure our next trip will be belize!!

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