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Published: June 4th 2010
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Cork city 2009
It is a nice oppurtunity to share all we would like to with those who find us interesting. Lizzy and me just practising to write a blog, wondering how to start to not feel it wasting time and energy. At the moment Lizzy is not quite ready to add her thoughts, but I hope soon. Actually we know each other since 10 years from Hungary and started to travel together a year ago. She came to visite me with a friend of us in Ireland and we went around West cork and also had time to discover Cork and it's Pub life. In Ireland the public transport it' s a middle age - solution. It's kind of weird. You can really waiting for the bus 24 hours even if you not drunk, just because maybe the driver has a bad mood so he just decide to not come. Or has he got hangover😊? Who understand.. But with Lizzy we decided to find a comfortable way to look around the area. A kind lady form Colorado also worked in the same organisation and she were more than happy to take us for few big spin (as she called it). So we got into the car and started our trip in West Cork. One of the favourite place with lot's of open minded and creative people. One cup of coffee at the Inchydoney Beach in Clonacilty, another cup of black tea with a drop of milk close to Glengarriff and a glass of Kilkenny beer with the tipical isirh lunch (potato, carrot and beef😊 in the most peacefull and friendly place, Bantry. Actually in Bantry there is an organic shop and many-many organic coffeplaces where you can also have great valued sandwiches with tasty lentil soup. All right, honesly Lizzy not this kind of person, she prefer pasta with extra melt-cheese. 😊 So with her we just went to an ordinary Irish Pub. Sorry Lizzy, but you preferred (and i like you with a glass of beer!). We had so much fun just not as much time. It was the first time we spent abroad together. Of course we did a lot in Hungary, but to see exactly what else we able to do together, it happened in Ireland. So if you are in a wheelchair and not independent enough to travel alone, just ask a very good friend of your to take you wherever you wish to go. Pack your important articles for personal use and some clothes and go! All right you probably must to have tickets and organise some places to sleep, but even if you go to a country like Ireland, you can always find a comfortable and suitable place to stay cheeper. Just one important thing: make sure that your friend is really a good one and that you will enjoy the time what you share with Him/Her, 'cause you probably will have two body for the one trip. it's exciting. Be patience, something for something. I wouldn't say it' s easy, but when you look back to see what you went through together, you both will be proud and the friendship is on a new stage. In Ireland, Lizzy stayed on my place in cork city, where I did volunteer job in an organisation, called L'Arche. I personally was glad to show her this place. It' s all over the world, in many continents and a very good place where those people find homes, who has developmental disabilities. It was found by Jean Vanier around 1964. These are faith-communities where people with and withouth disabilities share life together. It's a big organisation but not as popular as it should be. To live in an institution or in a young and fresh community makes differencies in people life. Jean Vanier written numerous great books (for example: Becoming Human, Finding Peace, Welcoming "the Other" etc..).
Well, Lizzy met those people who share they life in L'Arche cork community and stayed with us for few days, and belive me, not so hard to find friendly people there. They were all interested about her, asked her how is her life, how she can talk, how she can eat and live, and they wanted to know a lot abot Her.
Lizzy tried traditional Irish Food (fish and chips), Irish Coffee😊 and she has been around a lot. She didn' t forget to bring raincoat and to say hello to the world with her own way from the land of the sheep!


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