Journey in a wheelchair

Lizy and Detti

Journey in a wheelchair

Lizzy a 32 years old women. Most importently you must know that shi is in wheelchair. I'm Detti. A friend of her, who loves travelling and to make it possible to others who have difficulties. So our little team has a mission to make the dreams true. Everyone could do, because we can. Travelling on wheels😊.

Europe » Hungary October 24th 2010

“Kedves Hugim.. Mindenhova ahol járok belevésem a neved..Rég belémvésődött szóval csak magammal viszem és együtt látunk világot. Nagyon fogsz hiányozni amikor a leveleidet várom, vagy felakarlak hívni (mint régen csütörtökönként) meg amikor kiakarok hozzátok menekülni pár napra a nyugalom dombjára..Köszönöm, hogy támogattál és bíztattál,rád hallgatok..” Lizzy and me had a great friend, a little girl also in Wheelchair who just managed this year to finish her Diploma and started to looking for jobs which suit her..and actually she found and wrote in an electric newspaper. Our little friend Hugi, real name Marianna Tónay, died 2010.October the 10.Th. We will miss her so much. She lived in Hungary and because her condition she never left the country. Her biggest dream was to get her diploma (Communication and English) and than go with her sister t... read more

Europe » Hungary » Budapest September 20th 2010

(and before it, we both need to say excuse us for our funny english..) Hello, My name is Elizabeth Zsika. Lizzy is my nick name. My parents names are Joe and Susanne Zsikla. They was born in Kecskemét, Hungary. My father went to New York on a big boat to work. And he found a job, brought a house, went back to Hungary and married my mother and they went back to Long Island. My sisters was born and then I was born 9 years later on November 19th, 1978 on Long Island New York. I have Cerebral Palsy from birth. I can't talk, walk and use my hands. But I understand everything what people say to me (in Hungarian too!) So, when I was born the doctor gave my mother to much of painkillers and ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest June 16th 2010

We have to tell a lot. Yesterday we arrived back to Hungary, and now Lizzy is in Kecskemét with her parents for few days before she goes back to the Home, to an other little town. I'm in Budapest for the next 3 days, before I go to Stratford Apon Avon (England) for a training. Maybe I will move there for a while to work and experience more black tea with milk. No, I love my espresso! So the highlight of the 5 weeks in the USA was definitely the Black Rock Desert adventure with the dirt-bikes and ATV and our big Tent and lovely campers around. It was amazing to see Her there. Lizzy is quite a city girl and an indoor person until someone doesn't come to safe her from this. We arrived out ... read more
A confused man :)

It is a nice oppurtunity to share all we would like to with those who find us interesting. Lizzy and me just practising to write a blog, wondering how to start to not feel it wasting time and energy. At the moment Lizzy is not quite ready to add her thoughts, but I hope soon. Actually we know each other since 10 years from Hungary and started to travel together a year ago. She came to visite me with a friend of us in Ireland and we went around West cork and also had time to discover Cork and it's Pub life. In Ireland the public transport it' s a middle age - solution. It's kind of weird. You can really waiting for the bus 24 hours even if you not drunk, just because maybe the ... read more

Hi! This is Lizzy and Detti from Hungary. Our mission is, to show people how to travel on wheels:). It is possible. Lizzy is a young woman who loves to travel and meet people and also, part of her familly lives in the USA. Lizzy lives in Hungary since 16 years. She was 15 when she moved back with her parents who are originally from there. Lizzy is a young girl in wheelchair. I'm a good friend of her, who help her to travel different places. Together we can make it. I'm Detti. We try to start this blog and share our stories how we travel and how we make dreams come true:). There are many people with physical difficulties, who would love to discover the world, but they think it's something impossible for them, because ... read more

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