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North America » United States » Montana » Helena July 12th 2014

Today is Saturday the 7thday on the road, so like some other guy we rested. Actually it was Helen’s idea to stay another day in Helena to explore the town named after her. Early this morning we went for a run (4th so far, not bad !! ) we managed to beat the heat. A quick breakfast and out exploring on foot. We asked the hotel desk clerk how far was it to town. “Just a mile down the road, you will love it. Lots of shops, an open market and a walking mall.” Wrong!!!!! It was actually about two and a half miles to town. There was a market, there was a walking mall and many shops. There were just no people. Shops were empty, the mall was deserted and there was zero traffic. It ... read more
At the farmers market in downtown Helena, Montana
At the farmers market in downtown Helena, Montana
At the farmers market in downtown Helena, Montana

North America » United States » Montana » Helena July 11th 2014

Intuition must have subconsciously influenced us on our first day to get some practice on gravel. It seems that most of Montana's back roads are under construction, and it appears to be completely acceptable practice to leave both sides of the road covered with very loose gravel, potholes, grooves, mud, oh and water in places too. Yesterday on the descent from Glacier Park, several "fancy", as my mum used to say, bikes turned around and headed back the long way rather than risk scratching their polished chrome. You've seen the guys (and it is usually guys) out front of their motel rooms at 5 am for two hours waxing and polishing before the day's ride. Not us. The dirtier, the better. We actually had fun on the gravel today, both laughing and trying to fishtail. It's ... read more
Flathead Lake
Summit at Swan Lake, Route 83
Diner in Lincoln, Montana

North America » United States » Montana » Helena May 29th 2014

This was just a plain old drive until you drop day for us. I know there are some of you out there that can bite off more than this for a day, but this is about our limit. I've driven this route several times in the past, but always in the late fall, after the leaves had fallen off the trees and the grass had turned brown. Travelling at this time gave me an appreciation of what really happens on the plains north of Salt Lake and in the passes of Idaho and Montana. While the country reminds me of parts of Alberta, the mountains are quite different. In the high passes the trees, bush, and open spaces look like it is an enormous groomed garden. The fresh green patches of grasses look like fresh mown ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Helena June 19th 2013

Geo: 46.5897, -112.021We are not having much luck with the weather up here in the northwest. We spent most of the day under a low ceiling, black billowing monsters in the sky which did prove menacing at times. Check out my photos. And the sky did open up on us for about an hour in the early afternoon. But we didn't allow it to dampen our plans. We had a good day.We left Kalispell, MT at 8:20 AM, 63 degrees and headed for Glacier National Park. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the park entrance. We drove through small towns, one of which is called Flattop, where the billboards say they make Flattop Vodka. I thought, there must be a Flattop Mt. around here somewhere. I guess there is, but given the low ... read more
McDonald Lake
Glacier National Park
Dead trees over McDonald Lake

North America » United States » Montana » Helena September 9th 2008

Afetr the worst nights sleep on this trip we got ready for the day with a "homemade"breakfast from the supplies we were carrying and readied to leave the Whisling Swan motel.Well we were late off the road and we thought any port in a storm is better than sleeping in the car or motoring miles more to try and find a motel. We headed off with Helena the states capital in our mind.First was Browning the heart of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.What a desolate place but the locals seemed to be making th best they could.We called intot the Indian Trading Post for a look around but things were prety expensive so decided to push on.The country was pretty barren with few animals and little in the way of farms or people.We ontinued south on MT ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Helena August 18th 2008

Wow, it has been so long since I have written. So I am back in Alaska -- yay! -- and have been for a little over a week. Things started out a little rocky as it was a little hard adjusting to a settle environment after living like a nomad all summer. But I think things are going to start improving. I didn't get to write about one experience I had in (or rather near) Idaho so I wanted to add the Montana State Dive Fest to my blog. Four simple words describe the Montana State Dive Fest: only were the people from Helena Scuba just amazing, but it was nice to get in the water and play around like a fish some more. I also acquired a little dive camera to play with (thanks, ... read more
Mom and Braeden by the shore
Braeden (my nephew)
Glen helping me with the new strap on the BCD

North America » United States » Montana » Helena July 25th 2008

We continue our way across the state. In addition to the great scenery and fun activities we have spent the last week visiting with family and friends. We made a four day stop in Bozeman where we visited my Aunt Izzy and a high school friend Betty and her husband Nick. We are now in Helena where we are visiting my Aunt Jessie, Cousin Judy and a school friend Sherry. Have had a great time catching up on the news and reconnecting with old friends. Along the way we bicycled across the Yellowstone Valley and along the Yellowstone River near Big Timber. We also visited Prairie Dog State Park where we spent some time just watching these critters. From there we moved on to Lewistown where we spent a great day kayaking on Crystal Lake in ... read more
Kayaking on Crystal Lake
Beautiful Wild Flowers
Looking Across The Madison Valley Near Ennis, MT

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