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North America » United States » Montana » Helena June 10th 2017

Great Drive! Just love the 80 MPH speed limit... Carl's driving scares me, so day 1 I was the pilot but by day 2 he needed his manhood in tact, so I came out of the hotel to find him in the drivers seat, thankfully traffic is non-existence or light across Wyoming and he didn't want his driving privileges revoked so we had a stress free drive 😀. I've bragged before about one thing that my kids are amazing at, and that's travelling. They have been traveling their entire lives, and they are awesome. They love it too, can't wait to take them with us to Europe next time. Nana and Papa have been excited for the kids arrival for months and they were pretty happy when we got here. It's been a year since we ... read more
My parents fireplace
The kids annual welcoming sign
Partial view of "our summer home"

North America » United States » Montana » Helena June 30th 2016

Our day began with a train tour of Helena called "Last Chance Train Tours," which operates just outside the Montana Historical Society. The Historical Society opens at 9am, and the first train tour of the day is at 11am. They recommend people arrive 30 minutes before the departure time to find parking and get tickets before it departs. The train engineer was friendly and knowledgeable, and he cracked a few light jokes here and there to make the tour a bit fun. We started out by going by the governor's mansion--really a modest home--and the capitol building. We then wound through some historical neighborhoods and saw some beautiful, old homes (including the old governor's mansion). He talked about Teddy Roosevelt's famous encounter with a bear cub, and he also provided historical information--like how... read more
The Montana Capitol
Herd Bull sculpture
Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department

North America » United States » Montana » Helena April 23rd 2016

Day: 6 & 7 Miles: 2187 After leaving Kemmerer, I took US 30 north, and ever so briefly went into Utah (really, like 1 mile). I took SR 61 at the border which dumped me onto US 89 on the inside border of Wyoming. My goal was to get to Yellowstone and camp for the night at one of their campgrounds before I hightailed it for Montana. The drive on 89 all he way to Jackson was scenic. I was making great time and was really thinking I would camp on the norther side of Yellowstone after taking the eastern loop (I've never done that). After a brief pit stop in Jackson, I headed north on US 191/89. The Tetons off to the west were very beautiful and I remembered nostalgically the time Emily and Luci ... read more
Grand Tetons
Rolling hills of Idaho
My camp at Henry's Lake State Park

North America » United States » Montana » Helena September 17th 2015

Colour me in gold – JP Cooper Golden leaves - Passenger "You’re bottomless with wonders, like a flooded quarry I could dive into. You’ll grow deeper, I’ll grow fonder. Love goes deeper than the fishes into you."-Nizlopi It is not true that the things you own define you. They say something about you, with the way you keep them, what had you choose them at first and how you use them, but it would be unfair to pretend knowing me by looking at my bike and bags. You know someone by the mark they leave on you. Knowing someone is a risky science; it is never absolute and it will never leave you. The picture will get more complex with time; but as soon as they give you their colors, they will stain your hands and ... read more
Helena, the beautiful one

North America » United States » Montana » Helena September 10th 2015

Catherine, ma compagne de voyage arrive a Bozeman le 13 septembre. Il me reste 3 jours et je me trouve a la ville d'Helena, qui est la capitale du Montana. J'ai du temps a ecouler et 100 options devant moi. Il y a 'the gate of the mountain' qui est a une journee de route vers le nord. C’est une croisiere en bateau sur la riviere du Missouri pour admirer les formations rocheuses (pour la modique somme de 6$). Sinon, il y a ces montagnes qui bordent la ville que je pourrais gravir. Il y a ces forets nationales qui offrent de nombreuses randonnees. Helena est la premiere grande ville qu’il m’est possible de visiter aux Etat-Unis, alors il me faut l'explorer pour m'en faire une opinons. Il y a ce projet de blog, ces associations ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Helena August 26th 2015

Yellowstone Part 2 The rest of our stay in Yellowstone was filled with a bit of everything really, it’s an amazing place. The wildlife is awesome! When driving around, you inevitably see a few bison lounging on the plains or, in one case, a big old guy was just plodding along in front of a massive queue of traffic, seemingly oblivious. Every morning we heard a pack of coyotes howling and last night, when we were eating our Dog Food Chili for dinner (it’s from a can and smells like dog food), an elk wandered over and hung out with us for a while! Anyway, the biggest endeavour of our time there was a hike into The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We were lulled into a false sense of security as the trail started out ... read more
In the canyon
Other direction in canyon!

North America » United States » Montana » Helena August 25th 2015

KALISPELL REST DAY Today was the rest day, coinciding with the county fair. It started with a parade of marching girls/boys and band, political party slogans and volunteers, business man of the year, chief of the year, police cars, fire trucks, dance groups, kindergarten groups, big trucks. Not like the Toowoomba parade, but interesting. Later heard they have 5 parades per year, all similar- Christmas, Easter, St Patricks Day, County Fair, July 4. They must get worn out by them! Rode the bike around the streets near the centre, some appealing old homes, and parks. Looks to be the commercial city of northern Montana. Montana state has a population of about 1 million people. Afterwards wandered down to the fairground, first collecting a US Sim, as for some unknown reason my existing sim stopped allowing me ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Helena July 17th 2015

Medora, ND to Townsend, MT Preparations for the trip went really well. I had sewer on my campsite so the previous day I had hooked up the water and sewer hoses so I would be ready to just dump and go this morning. That was done and everything stowed and hooked up by 8:45, we were on the road again. There were some showers in the morning but the skies looked brighter as we headed out. Again we headed west on 94 and before I knew it we were in Montana. The road was much better and there was less traffic, not that there is traffic here, but there were fewer vehicles. I just cruised down the road doing about 68 mph admiring the scenery. It seemed that we were on top of a huge plateau, ... read more
Lippet Gulch Rd.
great view

North America » United States » Montana » Helena June 5th 2015

Distance driven today: 377 miles / 607 km Cumulative distance driven: 2,590 miles / 4,168 km Today’s trip: Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Helena, Montana, USA International border crossings: 1 Today was a long, but otherwise pretty uneventful riding day. I left Calgary in the morning, and got a bit surprised over the intense morning traffic while I was driving through the city. After having spent a whole week riding in some of the most remote places in North America, it clearly felt a bit unusual to be in a big city, with lots of people and traffic. The border crossing to the US proceeded smoothly, and later in the afternoon I rode into the capital of Montana, Helena.... read more
Alberta hwy 2 to the border
Border in sight
Northern Montana prairies

North America » United States » Montana » Helena September 17th 2014

The drive from Butte MT to Helena Campground & RV Park in Helena MT on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 would be short according to MapQuest (only 68 miles and 70 minutes). The trusty Ram started the trek with a 4-5 mile uphill pull on I-15 that took me through 6368’ Elk Park Pass. Although the drive is not designated as scenic by the Rand McNally brain trust, all that stuff is subjective and relative anyway. I suspect cornfields might be scenic to a desert native the first time! Regardless, I enjoyed the drive. My first order of business after set-up was a trip to the Helena Visitor Center. Over the course of The Great Adventure, I have learned there are two basic types of visitor centers. The first is staffed by folks whose JOB it is ... read more
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