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April 29th 2013
Published: September 30th 2017
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The LuggageThe LuggageThe Luggage

Only 2 bags and 2 backpacks are actually going to the airport with us!
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With thoughts of Willie Nelson in my head, we begin our little blog today. This is more of a test than anything ~ to see if everyone gets an email about this blog or an I-don't-know-what...but something is supposed to show-up in your email inbox. We'll see. All I know is Travelpod rocks. I've been addicted to it for about a year now but this is the first time I'll actually write as we travel... if we get Internet access occasionally, that is.

So, what happened today? I worked until noon. It went quicker than I had anticipated. I had all the bags packed yesterday so I went home, did the last-minute house things, and then we showered Scaredy and Simon with lots of kisses and happy "We'll be backs!" I figure if I leave him in a good mood he'll know mommy is okay and maybe he won't be so depressed when we return this time. Spoiled dumb dog.

So, we headed for St Louis and Kamie insisted that we stop in Licking and get a Godfather's Pizza. It was good! I was so glad I was the driver today so I couldn't overindulge. Kamie, on the other hand, made a piggy of himself! HaHa

There isn't much else to say... we had a funny evening goofing-off at the hotel and went to bed a bit early. I am reading Truth and Consequences - Life Inside The Madoff Family. I can barely put it down. I have the daughter-in-law's book to read next. Juicy and just the kind of stuff this financial nerd loves.

We're off to the airport now... next time I check-in it should be from Dublin, Ireland!!

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