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North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul October 18th 2017

The Educate Tanzania Team - "Team ETI" heads to Tanzania in just one week. The team met last evening with Jody at Borton Overseas in Minneapolis to meet each other and catch up on final details. Nine of us will head to the KARUCO Inauguration and Dedication Ceremonies which will take place on October 29, 2017. We can hardly wait. Follow along with Team ETI. Here is our itinerary for the trip: OCT 25 - Depart MSP for Amsterdam / OCT 26 - Arrive Amsterdam. Depart for Kigali (touchdown) then Entebbe, Uganda. Overnight in Entebbe / OCT 27 - Ground transport to Mutukula via Ben's Rentals and our friend, Ben. Meet KAD Partners at the Uganda/Tanzania border and ground transport to Karagwe. Reception in Kayanga. Overnight in Kayanga / OCT 28 - Tour of KARUCO - ... read more
KARUCO Classroom
Flights MSP - AMS - KIG - EBB !
ETI is  TOP-RATED Nonprofit

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul November 6th 2016

Located in a bustling neighborhood on North Snelling in Saint Paul is renovated Firestation 14 – home to professionals in law, psychology, dentistry and now ETI! Official move-in date was November 3rd, 2016. ETI, as a growing Minnesota-based nonprofit organization, is ripe for expansion and most grateful to the family of Jacqueline Nolte Jones for making this move possible. ETI will keep its mailing address through the end of the year. ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul August 9th 2014

Today marks the first month since tour has officially started. We have traveled to two different states, had pizza 12 times, and the kids are still praying to see snow! :) That time will come but hopefully more later on. The kids are starting to become more comfortable with our culture, foods, and the American busy lifestyle. See for me, I like being on African time. Sometimes it may get me into trouble but the kids don't seem to mind it :) They're favorite foods so far are pizza, hamburgers, and French fries..... Haha welcome to America. They are going to do just fine here. With my schedule being so busy I never have time to catch up on news or anything going on in the outside world because it is like I'm living in a ... read more
Girls :)
Aunties and Uncle

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul August 6th 2013

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA On Saturday, I arrived at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport as scheduled after a smooth flight from Sarasota. My cousin Phil picked me up and took me to his very nice home in West St. Paul where I met his beautiful wife Joanna and his son Steve. They have kindly made their home my home for my four day stay. My cousin and I went to a nice Italian restaurant for a pizza lunch. It was unseasonably cool and drizzling, but we didn’t melt. In appreciation of their hospitality, I took them to dinner at the St. Paul Grill in the St. Paul Hotel. My friends from the London trans Atlantic cruise recommended it highly and their advice was perfect. It was my hosts first time at the Grill for dinner and they enjoyed ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul January 22nd 2013

GATE G6 - MSP to AMS Pedro Bidegaray, Jay Bell and I (from MN) are meeting Daniel Sherrard (from Costa Rica) in Tanzania. Our trip begins today. Our good friend and colleague, Brighton Katabaro emailed to wish us safe travels and to assure us that this will be a precious time. The purpose of this trip to Karagwe, Tanzania is to co-create curriculum with the KARUCO Curriculum Development Team made up of professors and leaders from Minnesota, Costa Rica, and of course, Tanzania. We will interview all kinds of people connected to Agriculture - which is the focus of the university. We want to build a curriculum that doesn't just sit on a shelf. We don't want to waste people's time by creating something they memorize but don't implement. Instead we want a curriculum that is ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul February 7th 2012

Winter Carnival trip – Day 5 - Today was very cold and I have seen all I wanted to see in St Paul so I invested the day in doing homework on some possible future trips and getting prepared to depart tomorrow. It seems like every time I get thing set up the way I like and get my feet on the ground it’s time to leave. I made a short excursion out into the cold to get my Powerball Lotto ticket at “The Red Sea” convenience store on Wabasa St. and to eat at a hamburger place also on Wabasa called “American Burger”. I had a Greek Vinaigrette salad which was very good and then a burger with American and Monterrey Jack cheese with mushrooms which was delicious. Of course I didn’t finish either dish ... read more
Greek Vinagarette salad
Burger at All American Burger
The Skyway

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul February 6th 2012

Monday February 6 – Day 4 Today the plan was to go to the Cathedral of St Paul and then go to the Mall of America. I caught the #21 bus over to the Cathedral of St Paul. There is a bus stop right next to the cathedral where I got off. It was a very impressive Cathedral and patterned after the one in Rome. After touring the Cathedral I got on a very crowded #21 bus and headed towards the Lake Street Midtown station where I intended to catch the #55 Hiawatha Light Rail train south to the Mall of America. I would have done better if I had gone back into St Paul and caught the #94 express to the Nicollet Mall Station in Minneapolis and then went south from there on the ... read more
The Minnesota State Capital Building
Downtown Saint Paul from the Cathedral
The Altar

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul February 5th 2012

Sunday Feb 5 - I used Sunday as a regroup and refit day. I did a little homework on a few things and then walked over on the Skyway to try and find a regular grocery store. I found one called the Riverside Market on Wabasha St between 6th and 7th street. Unfortunately it was closed on Sundays so I walked back south on Wabasha Street to the Walgreens and got a few things there before they closed. There was a Macy’s across the street and I went in there but was told they were closing as well. So I decided I would check out The American Burger Bar, a burger place on Wabasa that might be a good place to watch the Superbowl from. They had lots of TV’s and the pre-game shows were on ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 5

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul February 4th 2012

February 4 – Saturday – morning Drinking my coffee and thinking things over in St Paul, Minnesota. I flew 1500 miles for this. The Ice Sculptures are melting. I've seen more snow in Texas in February before....sigh. Guess I should have just went to Colorado again. I heard they had a little snow there. I guess I will change my focus on this trip from attending the Winter Carnival to touring St Paul and Minneapolis. Quite frankly I’ve seen more going on at County Fairs….no wonder Ron is lonesome. They only had one Snow sculpture and there was a sign next to it thanking some organization for hauling in the snow for it….sad. I guess I will finish getting dressed and go down to the 10th floor for the continental breakfast, then go to The Mall ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul February 3rd 2012

Friday Feb 3rd7 AM San Antonio to Saint Paul I’m at the airport at the MacDonalds eating breakfast and coffee and doing some homework on my computer waiting for my flight. The leg of my flight from Denver to St Paul was canceled so United put me on a nonstop Delta flight DL5722 that doesn’t leave till 1143AM. It was not a bad deal really because a nonstop will get me to Minneapolis/St Paul airport only about ½ hour later than the other flight that will stop in Denver would. I had breakfast at MacDonalds so I could use their Wi-Fi but apparently the airport has Wi-Fi so I could have just logged on….still…I wanted some coffee. The security here is much more intense than it was in New York…. I know its main purpose anyway ... read more
Photo 8
Rice Park
Photo 3

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