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I waited quite a while this morning for the temperature to get above 32 and by 11:00 AM, I decided I had to get on the road even though the temperature was only 29. It had gone down to 27 last night. There were still some light snow squalls going on, but for the most part, the highway was just wet. I did run into a bit of ice at one point and the Spyder wiggled around a bit which was disconcerting. I also ran into a bit of slush at a couple points in the middle of the lane. Other than that, it was an enjoyable enough ride. All I can say again is thank God I brought my snowmobile bibs. Without them, I would have frozen or I just wouldn't have been able to ... read more
Just North of Land O' Lakes
Copper Harbor (5)
Copper Harbor (7)

Today, our plan was to drive through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on our way to Copper Harbor. We hit a few snags with Google Maps and ended up bypassing the national lakeshore, and I didn’t realize it until we were on the western end of it. We opted to drive into the area to see a few sites on the western side before turning around and heading back out the way we came in. We stopped first at Munising Falls, which is a nice stop for a road trip. It’s easy to park, use restrooms, and take a stroll up to the water falls. It’s shaded and beautiful. From there, we drove to Miners Castle. It's a rock formation that's stunning against the beach and colorful rocks below. If you've ever seen advertisements for Pictured Rocks, ... read more
Miners Castle
Viewing Miners Castle
Hiking Near Miners Castle

Isle Royal National Park It wasn’t quite the longest day of the year, but the next day when we began to see the certainty of land a few miles in front of us. Emerging out of the grey waters, the dark strip of an island slowly grew larger and more textured. I could see the outlines of the ridges that make up Isle Royal first. The definitions of rocks and trees became more real the closer we approached. After three hours of sloshing across calm, but boring water, the approaching island yielded a certain measure of excitement. As we got closer, the excitement became a bit more palpable. Just what was this island we call Isle Royale? What in the world had we gotten ourselves into? The first thing you notice is this isn’t just one ... read more

Fort Wilkins State Park, Copper Harbor, Michigan I know - how can we be back when we haven’t posted yet about being away! Well, I’m behind now. We were just so busy on Isle Royale that I didn’t get the chance to write about anything. It didn’t help that the connectivity was weak and sporadic. And now, there are four full days worth of rich travel experience to report. I admit that I’m having trouble getting my thoughts organized and down on ‘paper’. And then there are the pictures - between us we probably have a couple hundred snapshots. Editing them is not going to be an easy task. Anyway, I’m planning on spending a couple hours a day to fill in the last four days, but it might take a couple more days before I ... read more

Middle of Lake Superior, Michigan We are moving along a nearly glass surface at about 15 mph. There is a split of land behind us, but absolutely nothing but wide horizon in front. You can kind of see where the lakewater meets the cloudy sky, but the colors are close to being the same. Water temperature out here is about 38 degrees. That’s according to the captain - I personally didn’t measure it. The air temp, especially with a 16 mph wind chill, is only around 40 degrees. People go outside to the bow of the boat to see the smooth lake, but they don’t stay very long. We’re on the Queen IV, a passenger ferry. It is one of three different boats that ferry passengers over to Isle Royale. Isle Royale, as the name implies, ... read more

Fort Wilkins Historic State Park, Copper Harbor, Michigan We did indeed drive west and north, a total of about 180 miles. We took 28 west to around Marquette and then caught 41 and followed it all the way up to the very end of the road. We are at Copper Harbor, a small town at the northern tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Lake Superior is less than a half-mile away. If you look at a map, the Keweenaw Peninsula is a fairly large peninsula that juts north off of the main Upper Peninsula. It is historically famous as a center for copper mining. It isn’t clear to me how much of that remains here, but I suspect we will find out more when we explore this peninsula next week. It is definitely still a logging area ... read more

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein We awoke to a freezing drizzle in Copper Harbor. This is probably the worst condition for riding. The drizzle freezes to the visor of your helmet within seconds and reduces visibility to close to zero. By the time we finished breakfast across the street at the Pines Restaurant, the drizzle changed over to snow, thankfully. It snowed hard after that all morning. We rode back over Brockway Mountain, but it was snowing too hard to see much of anything. We rode down to trail 124 which runs southeast from Phoenix to Gay. I have several fovorite trails in this part of the world and Trail 124 is one of them. The trails that make my favorite list are always scenic and remote with stretches of curves and some straightaways. 124 is all ... read more
On Trail 124
Dogsled Team
Lady Musher

Contributing Photographer: Michael Weinstein Our riding itinerary for the week included making a saddlebag, three day cross country trip. For this trip, we packed what we would need for the next three days in the expandable tunnel bags on our snowmobiles. Tuesday we rode from Land O' Lakes, WI to Copper Harbor, MI, the northernmost point in the Upper Peninsula. We headed north on Trail 3 to Watersmeet, MI and then continued east about 5 miles to where the trail heads north again. Our first stop of the day was Bond Falls, about 25 miles north of Land O' Lakes. It's a pretty waterfall, probably about 100 yards wide and very lovely in the winter with a lot of the water frozen in the falls. After that stop, we rode north on Trail 3 to the ... read more
Trail 2 East of Watersmeet
Bond Falls
Bond Falls

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