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North America » United States » Maryland » Ocean City August 21st 2015

Long in the tooth are the days of frolicking businessmen or prim and proper women on the shores of Ocean City. What started as a "Ladies' Resort to the Ocean" is now a doormat to hordes of Spring Breakers and Senior Week graduates looking for a memorable time, albeit short on the memory part. When entrepreneur Isaac Coffin built the first beach-front cottage in 1869 to receive paying customers, it was unlikely he foresaw what was to be: a sprawling metropolis with its heyday from the 1950s to 70s. This seaside town may no longer play among the ranks of Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket for Wall Street executives, and probably can't even compete with the less snooty OBX and Myrtle Beach, but it still packs a punch. Like its sister city, Virginia Beach, Ocean City caters ... read more
Fractured Prune
Julia's Cannoli
Phillip's Crab House

North America » United States » Maryland » Ocean City February 20th 2014

Ocean City The official term is high recaller. I like to have an official term for things. It means I remember my dreams and sleep light. In other words, I’m always the first one awake. Today I want to make the most of it though and sneak out before the day breaks as it were. Sadly, everyone else is quite a heavy sleeper, which rather takes the fun out of the sneaking part. Outside the day is already warming up nicely, with the comforting closeness of air you find in a greenhouse, though sadly lacking the smell of tomatoes. I flip flop across the road and up to the boardwalk, eyeballing people suspiciously as I pass. What are they doing up and about at this time? This is my time of the day. The boardwalk has ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Ocean City August 7th 2012

250,000 marlin fishing families can't be wrong about Ocean City. They're all here enjoying the fishing tournament event of the year. We came here on a 27 hour outside, night passage from Norfolk. It was one of those rock'n roll specials that make you wonder why on earth you ever thought boating was a sane choice for humans. At one point I thought of our crew as two gerbils and a mouse trapped in a jar, being shaken by an energetic godling, perhaps mad at his mother. Early on in the passage we were doing 7+ knots with only the main up, reefed 2 panels. The sail came down in case conditions got worse. They did and they didn't. Nice organized waves turned to compound, complex pounding swells of the grand-daddy version. They came in threes. ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Ocean City September 8th 2010

Way back in 2005 and just about every other weekend I made my way to Ocean City, MD and other areas of the East Coast for fun in the sun... ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Ocean City September 28th 2009

September 21-24th 2009 The beginning of this week I got to experience going to Delmarva, which is Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Lance and I traveled together and I got to learn a lot and see a lot and gain lots of experience. We first landed in Washington Dulles. We drove to Ocean City, MD. It was a nice little city on a beach. We went to experience the Boardwalk in Ocean City. It was about a 2mile boardwalk with different shops. However, we were there on a Monday night and it seemed like a ghost town. The second day, we got up to go training in Selbyville, DE. Small little towns where everyone seems to work at Mountaire. We even saw bus loads of people get dropped off to work there. We trained there till about ... read more
Scary Boardwalk..

North America » United States » Maryland » Ocean City May 22nd 2009

I was lucky enough to be able to do the O.C. Cruisin this year while riding around in my buddy's Rat Rod. We did the normal stuff which entailed the convention center parking lot and the inlet parking lot, but by far the most fun was the "Rods and Rockers" car show that we found at the Steer Inn Tavern off of Racetrack Rd. It was a blast! There was a "Lucky 13" fashion show, pinup contest, pin-striper, and some really cool hot rods and rat rods. Let's not forget the $12 deal all you could eat and drink (draft beer or soda) and the Rockabilly band that performed later that night.... read more
steer inn
steer inn
steer inn

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