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North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 10th 2016

Well you all thought I had thrown a lot of photos at you the last couple of times? Be prepared for a major photo overload!! There is nothing quite like New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Already a city that beats to it's own drum they really let loose during Mardi Gras. The tourists flock to the business district and down town and the locals decorate their houses and balcony's in the official mardi gras colours of green, purple and gold/yellow. Walking up the street you will see dogs wearing tutu's people dressed up as all kind of characters - wigs, glitter and sequins really get a work out!! There are parades through Canal Street every day and it is easy to be overwhelmed with them so it is best to pick the ones you want to ... read more
Waiting for the parade to start
Night Parade
Night Parade

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 3rd 2016

Aside from the unnecessary stops at awkward times of the night we are really getting into travelling by bus in the US now. Our trip from Nashville to Memphis is probably the most amusing to date. We guess if you are a long distance bus driver you have to keep yourself amused some how. Our driver was no exception. We found ourselves chuckling away as she reeled off one liners with her southern drawl throughout the whole journey. We tried to remember some and wrote down a few. "Stop talking so loudly I don't want to listen to none of you while I'm driving'...'sir I can still hear you'..' Sir I'm not going to ask again" "I've got beef and onions waiting for me at home. I've been driving since 10pm last night and I want ... read more
Freemont street
City centre

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 30th 2016

So I have been in NOLA for a week now. There is something about this city I just love. from the sounds of live music coming from the street and every bar and restaurant you pass, the beautiful buildings in the French Quarter and the party atmosphere. It feels like the city is made of music and you can't help but smile. Where else would it be normal for your local busker to be a group of 6 big band members?? During the day the streets are filled with tourists on tours and horse drawn carriages and artists hawking their wares and on every corner there is a tarot reader or human statue. On my first night I just wandered the streets and found the infamous Bourbon Street...there were people falling down drunk (mind you it ... read more
An audience for my Shrimp Po Boy Lunch!!
Cocktail Tou!
Cocktail Tour!

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 1st 2016

R : New Orleans was fantastic. Lewis and Kylie told us it would be and it was. We arrived late the first day. It was immediately obvious that the city was jam packed. Our hotel was full of teenagers and town was pretty busy. People kept asking us "who were we here for" and it turned out a college football semi final called the sugar bowl was taking place on 1st January. On 31st December there was a huge football parade full of high school marching bands, which explained the number of teenagers in our hotel. (We had a nice hotel here as accomodation was scarce). I managed 3 nights without turning "grumpy old git" on the teenagers, before our 4am wake up call for the next flight. At that point I gave up and made ... read more
Impromptu parade
Street signs
NYE New Orleans style

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans July 19th 2015

Well you might thought I was staying there from the title, but I'm not, I've been at the Hyatt French Quarters since Thursday. I love this hotel but others in our group (whose rooms face the street say the noise lasts until 7am). I'm on the courtyard though. But back to the title. My mom and dad came to the Roosevelt Hotel for their honeymoon and it is right down the road from where I was staying. As we were walking back to our hotel, I convinced a couple of Board members to walk in with me. All I could think about was what it was like back in the 50s when mom and dad were here. It's beautiful now. I bet it was even more grand then. Mom, I grabbed you a brochure that I'll ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans July 15th 2015

Grrr I just wrote a huge blog and my stupid phone deleted it. So.... Ok I finished my contiki it was amazing. Vegas killed me I have many bruises and scars. At the moment I'm in between my contiki and topdeck so staging in New Orleans by myself for 2 morenights. I don't know what to do... Bournmbon street is like... Bar... Bar... Strip club... Bar... Bar.... Vododoo shop.... Bar.... Haunted ghost tour.... Bar..... Nothing I can do on my own! I'm hoping to maybe find someone who is doing my tour........i have really high expectations of my new tour because contiki was SO good. I can'tbelieve I have to make new friends again! Hope these people are ok and not weirdos. wits so hot in New Orleans... About 37* and quite humid. last night I ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans July 12th 2015

THE BLUES HIGHWAY: Come in here girl...and bring your daddy with you. Talk about sleazy...barely legal...topless, bottomless...white slick guy beckoning us...big buxom black girl wearing string nickers and bra slouching behind him checking the caterpillar of humanity dawdling past her...ride on. All down the Blues Highway folks waxing lyrical of the delights of New Orleans as if it was the best place for jazz and blues on the us lists of places to go in the French Quarter...and all of them mentioned Bourbon Street. So we stayed just around the corner at the Prince Conti...19th century digs that didn't quite match the atmosphere of Memphis, Clarksdale or Natchez. Could hardly wait to drop our gear and get into Bourbon Street. But no one told us that dropping our gear was actually getting our gear off. ... read more
French Quarter
Peter the Piano Eater

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 30th 2015

Bonjour à tous. La Nouvelle Orléans un bijou inégalé dans le reste des États-Unis. (définition de mon guide). Je ne connais pas tout, mais je partage cette analyse. La ville, a été fondée en 1718 par Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. Aujourd'hui elle compte 380 000 habitants, dont 70% Afro-Américains. Son activité commerciale est en fort déclin surtout depuis l'ouragan Katrina, 29 aout 2005, elle a perdue 40% de sa population. Elle vit aujourd'hui principalement du tourisme et de son port. Elle n'est pas totalement reconstruite, dans les banlieues restent encore des traces. Hier en fin d'après midi, après que supposément la chaleur soit redescendue, vers 17h, j'ai commencé la visite. Mon hôtel étant très bien situé, sur Canal Street, à la limite du quartier Français, je commence par Le Riverfront, le long du Mississipi. Il ... read more
Celle ci aussi
Le Mississipi
le quartier Francais

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 29th 2015

Bonjour à tous, Pour commencer un rectificatif, je vous annonçais la Nouvelle Orléans au Mississipi, c'est en Louisiane. En regardant ma carte, je n'ai pas vu qu'entre Mobile et la Nouvelle Orléans, je traversais juste une pointe de l'état du Mississipi, environ 150 kms. Je vais avoir l'occasion de retourner. C'est sans regret, que J'ai quitté Mobile, la tristesse de cette ville est difficile à décrire. Comme à chaque changement d'état je m'organise pour le faire en étant sur l'autoroute pour l'office du tourisme. Équipé de carte du Mississipi, je programme la route de la côte. je vais faire une centaine km en longeant l'océan, mais que les plages sont belles. Ce sable blanc, à la couleur et la consistance de la farine, c'est très beau à voir. Je sais je me répète, mais je trouve ... read more
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Long Beach
Le Bayou

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 25th 2015

Frenchmen Street. Der Blues geht unter die Haut. Magic Merlin bekommt seine Instrumente und sie leuchten im Schein der Fackel! Die letzte Zeile ist niedergeschrieben. Auch der Song steht. Es ist vorbei. Wir packen die Koffer. Es ist Schluss. Was bleibt ist die Erinnerung und ein neuer Song. Man wird ihn hören - wir sind gespannt. Aber: Heut' ist nicht alle Tage. Wir kommen wieder, keine Frage...... read more

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