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New Orleans 2021 5 New Orlean, Louisiana 5-8-2021 French Quarter, Louisiana Co the noi French Quater la noi nhon nhip nhat nuoc My. dan tu cac tieu bang nuoc my den day de vui choi. Ho di bo day duong. Co nhieu quan an dot theo he pho. Ben trong French Market chat ca loi di mac dau mua Covid. French Quarter ban nhieu do nong pham. Phi Chau va dia phuong. Tren duong di vai thanh pho toi thay co Vietnam veterans memorial nen ghe lai chup hinh. Thanh pho nay duoc thanh lap boi Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. Ong ta la french Colonial admisnistrator o New France hay thuoc dia cua Phap tai Hoa ky nam 1534. Ong ta da thanh lap New Oreans nam 1534 sau do giao phan dat nay ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans March 7th 2021

This was my last Super Bowl, Nawlins, 2013. Super Bowl 47 will start this afternoon. I will be there to watch the Forty Niners. I became a fan in the Fifties, when two players from my hometown, offensive tackle Monte Clark, and all pro defensive back, Jimmy Johnson were drafted by the Forty Niners. Back then, it would have been difficult to envision the concept of the Super Bowl, or the greatness ahead for these two players. My Dad would have truly enjoyed being here today. He introduced me to sports. He took me to my first college and professional football games. We started out on a local level, our high school, where the Johnson brothers Rafer and Jimmy) starred in four sports. I am sure this ... read more
The Superdome
My Niners
Beyonce before the lights went out

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans March 5th 2021

Many of you are big fans of Starbucks. Fine. I am a big fan of Peet's Coffee. Fine. But when I travel, where do I get my coffee? First, I always bring my Peet's French Roast with me. I try to make a cup or two in my room with the coffee maker (mostly poor quality, by the way), before I head out to breakfast or just more coffee. Second, I tend to skip Starbucks in favor of a local, or less popular place in the neighborhood. I prefer the Mom and Pop places. But if I cannot find one, I choose a small cafe or breakfast joint. My last option is always a restaurant chain, like an IHOP or Waffle Shop. Over the years, I have found some great places. Venture to Vegas, off the ... read more
Cafe du Monde
Love Peets
Greasy Chef Burger

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans March 3rd 2021

Most of you already know this: There’s an actual Earl of Sandwich credited with inventing the term “sandwich.” When one day he decided to eat his meal with one hand, slapping two pieces of bread—with the meat between—the sandwich was born. Here are a few stories about ten American sandwiches.The Reuben was born in Nebraska in 1925 of all places. I have no memorable Reubens, other than the artist.The Peanut Butter and Jelly was born in Boston back in 1901. As an adult, I find them too sweet.The Philly Cheesesteak was born at Pat's King of Steaks in Philly in the 1930s. I had several on my first visit to Philadelphia back in the 70s. It remains one of my favorites when done with the right amount ... read more
Maine lobster roll
Johnny's Po boy
The Primanti

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 13th 2020

There is always a mix of excitement, anticipation and even a little dread as we get ready to set out on our next adventure. Our last trip was no different, or so it seemed. Our niece, Holly, had been planning her Savannah wedding for over a year. March 28th had been set and all plans were being finalized. Since we had spent some time with Holly and Dan (her fiancé) last summer we were getting very excited to see them again and to share in their excitement and happiness of marriage. And of course, Savannah, Tybee Island, and Hilton Head are all favorite camp bases that we enjoy on the east coast. Our particular challenge this trip was the fact that Jeffrey’s birthday was just a few days after the wedding, and of course, we could ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 12th 2020

My flight home wasn't until 5:00 PM (except then it was delayed but more on that later) and I wanted to have time to visit New Orleans before heading to the airport. Left my cozy condo at 7 AM on another foggy morning and hit the road. The drive was easy, although foggy all the way until just before the city. My friendly Google Maps navigator had me exit I-10 at Elysian Fields Ave, which runs through the 7th Ward. I noticed many of the houses looked pretty run down yet most had cheerful Mardi Gras decorations hanging on their balconies. Eventually I turned onto Decatur Street and proceeded to look for a parking lot. I read ahead of time that parking on the street in the city is not advised because the meters are tricky ... read more
New Orleans!
Beignets to go
Powdered sugar everywhere!

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 1st 2020

In the world of college football, bowl games are beauty pageants at the end of the season that both end the year and set up the next one. Unless you’re playing for a national championship, that is. All the other games at the end of December and the beginning of January are understood to show the direction of your program—if you win the bowl game, you’re in good shape and get a little boost going into next year. Lose, and some people may get fired, but questions will certainly be asked about the health of your program. There are also several levels to bowl games; let’s call them tiers. The Playoff is the top tier, since only the four teams involved in it have a shot at winning the title. The next tier comprises the “New ... read more
It will never disappoint you
Make sure to get cheese on your burger here
The Superdome in New Orleans

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 22nd 2019

Hi Everyone We have been enjoying 3 days in New Orleans one of the oldest city’s in America. Some of the houses here are 300 hundred yrs old. New Orleans is on the Mississippi river. The street cars are very old but popular and cheap. New Orleans is very different to other cities,the traffic is terrible,they dont stop at pedestrian crossings. We have enjoyed our time here. Tommorrow we drive to Houston airport and our flight leaves at 9.15 and our long journey begins. Thank you all for travelling with us,hopefully you have enjoyed our photos. KS... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 21st 2019

We’ve hit New Orleans, or Nawlans as the locals say. That’s what the guide said on our tour of the city. If Savannah was hot this is even hotter. We’re staying in the French Quarter right in the middle of all the action. Bourbon St, where all the music and real action happens at night is only two blocks away. Bars have their own bands playing recognisable (to us) songs ‘Me and Bobby McGee’, patrons, and music spilling out onto the narrow street. With coloured lights and signs flashing it’s a real party atmosphere. You can tell the tourists. They just look bewildered. Except ones much younger than us drinking out of flat sided large jars with straws, fishbowls they are called, $10 and a refill for $7. Every morning the clean up brigade is out ... read more
Cafe Beignet
An unusual house seen on our city tour

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 21st 2019

Oak Alley is a beautiful antebellum (pre civil war) mansion built brick by brick, by slaves in 1805 to house the family of Jacques Roman, part of a wealthy land and slave owning family. Together they owned on average 892 men, women and children as slaves with about 200 of them on the Oak Alley estate. This is known because their names are all recorded as business transactions. Situated on the western bank of the Mississippi about an hour’s drive out of the city it is famous for the alley of magnificent live oak trees leading up to the house. Crossing one of the bridges we could see how high the river is. We’re lucky to be visiting it from New Orleans as the tour being run on the first day on the boat has been ... read more
A map showing the layout of Oak Alley
View from the upstairs balcony towards the river
Part of the Alley

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