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North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 22nd 2019

Hi Everyone We have been enjoying 3 days in New Orleans one of the oldest city’s in America. Some of the houses here are 300 hundred yrs old. New Orleans is on the Mississippi river. The street cars are very old but popular and cheap. New Orleans is very different to other cities,the traffic is terrible,they dont stop at pedestrian crossings. We have enjoyed our time here. Tommorrow we drive to Houston airport and our flight leaves at 9.15 and our long journey begins. Thank you all for travelling with us,hopefully you have enjoyed our photos. KS... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 21st 2019

We’ve hit New Orleans, or Nawlans as the locals say. That’s what the guide said on our tour of the city. If Savannah was hot this is even hotter. We’re staying in the French Quarter right in the middle of all the action. Bourbon St, where all the music and real action happens at night is only two blocks away. Bars have their own bands playing recognisable (to us) songs ‘Me and Bobby McGee’, patrons, and music spilling out onto the narrow street. With coloured lights and signs flashing it’s a real party atmosphere. You can tell the tourists. They just look bewildered. Except ones much younger than us drinking out of flat sided large jars with straws, fishbowls they are called, $10 and a refill for $7. Every morning the clean up brigade is out ... read more
Cafe Beignet
An unusual house seen on our city tour

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 21st 2019

Oak Alley is a beautiful antebellum (pre civil war) mansion built brick by brick, by slaves in 1805 to house the family of Jacques Roman, part of a wealthy land and slave owning family. Together they owned on average 892 men, women and children as slaves with about 200 of them on the Oak Alley estate. This is known because their names are all recorded as business transactions. Situated on the western bank of the Mississippi about an hour’s drive out of the city it is famous for the alley of magnificent live oak trees leading up to the house. Crossing one of the bridges we could see how high the river is. We’re lucky to be visiting it from New Orleans as the tour being run on the first day on the boat has been ... read more
A map showing the layout of Oak Alley
View from the upstairs balcony towards the river
Part of the Alley

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans June 11th 2019

The final leg of my westward expansion from Pensacola to New Orleans was dry but very HOT. The temp when I started out at 11:00 was 91 degrees and ended up being the low for the day- the high was 96. Thanks to the non-free states of Alabama- Mississippi- and Louisiana, I had to wear helmet #1 (mandatory helmet laws). Those of you that have been following my blogs for the last 10 years have heard my reviews of New Orleans before. Besides stopping in the Big Easy on the Cajun-Parrot Run in 2013 and the Last Corner Ride in 2014, New Orleans is my favorite and one of my most frequented cities in U.S.. If you haven't made it to NO you need to put it on your list. However, I've found that most people ... read more
Olivia from Sydney Australia
Alex the Erin Rose Bartender
Bourbon Street early in the day

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 22nd 2019

Much has been written about using Airbnb for travel, or even housing out of town guests when your own home has limited space. We have friends who rent out extra rooms through Airbnb for extra cash. We have heard as many nightmares as we have positive comments about using Airbnb over hotels. And I am sure each of you have stories about either or both in nightmarish circumstances. Compared to using hotels, I see Airbnb as a crap shoot, particularly if you are not familiar with the area. I am more comfortable choosing an Airbnb in a city like Seattle, Boston, or San Diego, than I would in Miami, Atlanta, or Washington, DC. No matter, some people still call it ScareBnB for good reason. The neighborhood, for me, is the most important factor. It usually determines ... read more
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Scare B & B??
Your friends are your best referral or review.

We drove into New Orleans in the late morning. We walked through Jackson Square. There were bands playing jazz music. It was very neat. Then the first stop was Cafe Du Monde. We had beignets and cafe au lait. It was very crowded. The cafe was cash only. The waiters paid the cooks for the food when they picked it up from the kitchen. Then you paid the waiter in cash. I’m assuming their pay was the difference in how much the cost of the food was in the kitchen and what the customer paid them for the food. Next we went to the waterfront. Then into the St Louis Cathedral. We spent about an hour in the Louisiana State Museum. Then we ate a great lunch at the Gumbo Shop. After lunch we walked down ... read more
Jackson Square
Jackson Square
Jackson Square

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 24th 2018

Google Maps says the drive from Live Oak Ridge Park in Belton TX to French Quarter RV Resort in New Orleans LA is 522 miles and would take 8 hours 9 minutes, but that doesn’t compensate for food and fuel stops nor for my “less-than-the-limit-while-pulling” speed; sooo, I planned a one-night stop at Twelve Oaks RV Park in Lake Charles LA. That gave me a final leg of just over three “Google Maps” hours and 200 miles which would place my arrival time in the heart of New Orleans between the morning and evening rush hours. Informational Irene (my GPS) again performed flawlessly, and both trips were uneventful save some major road construction that caused a couple of major delays between Belton and Lake Charles. I was glad I hadn’t tried to make the entire trip ... read more
“Uncle Larry, You Ready to Dive In?” – My First Look into the French Quarter
“Jazzy” Crab Cake Platter – I Got a Head Start Before the Photo Op
The Upper Level of the Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Provides Better Sightseeing and Photo Ops

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 14th 2018

New Orleans Louisiana We reached our destination. - New Orleans. It is often called NOLA – New Orleans NO Louisiana LA. We arrived mid afternoon on Friday 9 Feb. Our choice of accommodation for the next 5 days was an AirBnB, located just outside of the city area. As with most residential areas close to the city there is a mix of nice and nasty in terms of buildings and people. This is probably one of the disadvantages of AirBnB – not easy to work out where the accommodation actually is in the context of the broader area. MARDI GRAS During the Mardi Gras period which starts on 6 January in New Orleans, there will be many parades; some simply walking and others with floats, marching bands and so on. Each of the parades are organized ... read more
Waiting for our first parade
Parade - Krewe of Iris
Mardi Gras NO

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 12th 2018

So Monday started in a fairly relaxed fashion. There were only two parades tody, Opheus and Proteus, and they didn’t start until 5.15 (according to the schedule) So we had a day to explore the city. We decided to get a streetcar, AKA a tram, and just see where the road went. Five minutes on the tram and I suggested we find Lafayette cemetery. I really need a destination. We got off at St Charles avenue thinking we could catch the tram down to Lafayette. Now St Charles Avenue is one of the streets the parades come down. Soo the trams weren’t running, 6 hours before the parade and they had already been cancelled. It wasn’t just us that got caught. There was a local man who was quite upset that he couldn’t catch the streetcar ... read more
Lafayette Cemetary
Relaxing at an Irish pub
Krewe Proteus

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 11th 2018

So when you can’t make it to the parades the parades come to you. This morning as we left the breakfast room we could see floats out the front of our hotel. We walked out to see the Krewe of Thoth floats all driving down the road to their meeting point at the start of the parade route. No-one was on them, they were just getting ready for their parade. So, we got a free preview. The weather forecast was set for rain, rain and more rain today so we mapped out some indoorsy activities instead of going to the parades. The weather here has been interesting. Its been overcast and a bit rainy the whole time, but not cold. Most of the time I’ve been running around in t-shirts which is OK until it does ... read more
Royal Street Shopping
Voodoo Museum
Mississippi River

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