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North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans August 10th 2017

Here we are, finally in New Orleans. I know, you haven't visit the world if you have not come to New Orleans. The Hurricane season is already on from 1st of august. So the big question was, are we going to be dry, wet, or completely underwater for our two nights here. Well, we were on the lucky side, you've read what has happened with Harvey the last few days. Not sure how wet New Orleans did end up, but in the news while visiting the city, the first thing was how many of the turbines to pump the water out in case of hurricane, was simply not in working condition! We stay mainly on the Interstate from Dallas to New Orleans, going via Lafayette at the end to have some more entertainment while driving. We ... read more

You probably won't be surprised to hear that Louisiana once belonged to the French and later the Spanish! There were traces of human settlement from about 5,500 years ago with Europian influence beginning in the 17th century when the French colonised Louisiana (named for Louis X1V of France) in 1682. It then passed to the Spanish in 1763 becoming part of the USA when they purchased the state in 1803. As a leading slave state, by 1860 47% of the population was enslaved. So it has an interesting history. Think "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell, and, on the jazz scene, Louis Armstrong and Pete Fountain. The latter two were both born in New Orleans although Margaret Mitchell was born in Atlanta, Georgia. And on the rotten weather scene, think Hurricane Katrina (more about that ... read more
Lafayette Park, next to our hotel
Opened in 1788, the year the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove
Michelle at the side of Lafayette Square

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 9th 2017

Last day of the festival and the day we check-out. Of course it is the first morning that I sleep until 8am. Breakfast, showers, packing it is a whirlwind. We remembered to say goodbye to Liz, the breakfast lady, and I thanked Jeannette at the front desk for all of her help. I get the ladies suitcases and my own things on out to the van and at 10am drive over to the other hotel to pick up Tyler. Luckily Milliken has decided to source his own transportation to the airport so that saves an hour or so of my day. Milliken has already headed out to the casino to try and recoup his losses or to the fest. Not sure and we don't see him for the rest of the day. Tossing Tyler's bag in ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 8th 2017

Abs and I were up early again. After Caroline awoke, I got the car from valet and zipped over to pre-check in Joe, Caroline's cousin. Joe and his son Ryan were coming in from Florida to spend the day with us and would leave on Sunday morning. After getting him squared away I found Tyler at breakfast and warned him that Joe may need to stash his bag in Tyler and Milliken's room if his room was not ready when he arrived. Tyler was cool with that and told me that he had lost his folding chair the previous night, left it outside a port a john. Bummer. Then I was back to my hotel to help Caroline and Abcde get ready for the day. Caroline, Abcde and I headed off to Jackson Square sans Vallery ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 7th 2017

And history repeats itself. Abcde and I are up early and head downstairs for coffee. I like Hampton Inn's Robust Blend and Abs drinks the decaf at room temp, both of us like it black and bitter. As we sit and watch the news we find President Trump had bombed Syrian airfields in response to Syrians poisoning other Syrians with chemical weapons. At least Trump did what Hillary said he should do? So both Democrats AND Republicans can be happy about bombing a third world country into the 4 dimension? But I digress, this travelogue is about the French Quarter Festival, the greatest free festival ever! Or at least that I have ever been to...Eventually we rouse Wife, cycle through the shower and once presentable, head out to enjoy the city and the beautiful day that ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 6th 2017

Abcde and I were up early and had breakfast. The TVs were all tuned to the news stations and it seems that there had been a chemical attack in Syria. I am unsure what to think about that other than it is a terrible occurrence, there is not really anything I can do to change their situation, nor do I think we should become overly involved as a nation. That's it for politics for today. On to the important stuff I have some control over, getting wife moving and start the fest! Abs and I went back upstairs after about an hour of trying to feed her and woke Wife. She came back down with us and it was attempt #2 to feed the monkey. Slightly more successful, I touched base with las Mujeres Vieja and ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 5th 2017

We blew into New Orleans at about 4pm. There had been only a bit of rain and wind during the drive and we had enjoyed a great view of Lake Ponchitrain as we entered the city. Tyler and I started to unpack the car and then I ran in to get our keys. The vieja mujeres about drove Tyler crazy asking him to get their stuff right away and Joyce trying to pull her walker out of the cargo bag before it had even been fully unzipped. By the time I had us checked in every thing was on a cart for the bellman to take up and Tyler was pretty well red in the face. Tyler and I hustled off to get him checked into his room at the Hampton Inn Convention Center and he ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 2nd 2017

La Nouvelle Orléans, ville du Jazz, de la musique. Ville de Louis Armstrong sur le bord du Mississipi. C'est aussi la ville du Mardi Gras, des masques et des colliers à billes colorées! En résumé, il y a toujours un festival et toujours beaucoup de touristes! Les prix sont élevés: une visite à pied du centre-ville coûte $20/pers., visite des bayous ou des plantations $50/pers...décidément on sera nos propres guides!... read more
Nouvelle Orleans
Nouvelle Orleans
Nouvelle Orleans

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans January 9th 2017

**What is with the new entry date selection? It does not work! I give up...* Well obviously it has been a while since I wrote and apparently going back to enter new blogs is not as easy as it used to be. Sigh... Enough complaining! My mom has been wanting to visit her Mississippi relatives for a while now and she has never been to New Orleans, so I thought we should do a combo trip for Thanksgiving. Since I started a new job in July, I have limited vacation time - thanks for my two weeks America! :/ It just means I have to get creative with my travels. So, I flew into Memphis Wednesday night before Thanksgiving (surprisingly no trouble at all at the airports!) and flew out of New Orleans on the way ... read more
Duck Master - starting the ceremonial march
The Peabody Hotel
uncle explaining how the grist mill worked

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans December 5th 2016

On my way to New Orleans I had a stopover in Shreveport as New Orleans was too far to travel in one day. New Orleans was an amazing time and I may need to re-visit it some day. Probably not during Mardi Gras but December was a really nice time to visit. I took a drive along the great river road and visited two plantations. The first was Laura Plantation which was a Creole plantation and which was my favorite. It isn't real fancy but it shows what it was like back in the early 1800s when it was built. There are 12 historic buildings, gardens, banana grove, and the slave quarters where the African folk tales of Brier Rabbit was recorded. The second plantation was Oak Alley Plantation completed in 1839 after three years of ... read more
Laura Plantation Basement
Laura Plantation Garden and Orchard
Laura Plantation Banana Trees

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