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North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette September 28th 2008

The trip to Cut Off, Melanie’s version We had the continual breakfast at the motel, then set off on our next adventure! We went from Gretna to Raceland. At Raceland we went south on Louisiana Highway 1. We went south all the way to Grand Isle. Grand Isle is known for its fishing. There we got to see a truck drive into the water with a trailer on it. No the people in it did not drown or get wet; they had a boat on the back of the trailer. As they backed into the water the boat just floated off. On this trip to Cut Off we had a special mission. We drive down to the house. Poppy tells me to go Knock on the door. So I go over to the door and do ... read more

Outside of big cities, the USA doesn't have a heck of a lot of guesthouses of the hostel type. A place where you can NOT make reservations in advance and have a good chance of landing a cheap bed, or find yourself in an atmosphere where single travellers can congregate. Lafayette, probably considered the capital of cajun country, does have one called the Blue Moon Guesthouse. Clean, has a 50s soda pop vibe, nice front porch, wifi, and computer access and a lovely shared living room area. My room, for a 4 bunker (which I had alone), was $18/night, linens included. But enough about that, what was really cool about the place, besides the meet other people travelling vibe, was that its back porch doubled as a little bar and music space, and starting around 7 ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette April 27th 2008

Some of the other highlights of the festival included the "March 4th Marching Band" from the Northwest US. We caught them first on the main stage & then go to dance with them during a street parade. My faviorite show of the Festival was Jeffrey Broussard and the Creole Cowboys. I have enjoyed Jeffrey's music over the years and got to attend a workshop & get an accordion lesson from him before, but this was the first time I got to hear him with his current line up. Jeffrey is a master accordion player and a zydeco legend. On guitar is D'Jalma Garnier, a master fiddle player. Much of the time D'Jalma keeps an understated groove going, but when the time comes. he really heats things up with sizzling leads. The band was playing with Mr. ... read more
Halo on D'Jalma
Mr. Ballou
My friend Dave

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette April 26th 2008

Au Festival International De Louisiane, touts les annonces sont en Francais & aussi en Anglais. Ills y ont nombreux artistes qui parlent Francais. Il y a beacoup de gens Francais ou Quebecois qui vont a Lafayette. J'ai eu une conversation amicale avec un homme creole du sujet de le langue Francais, le langue Cajun, et le langue Creole. J'ame bien la musique Creole. La musique Creole de Louisiane est Zydeco. Ill s'applle zydeco parce ce que un vieux chanson Cajun & Creole, "les haricots sont pas sale'. Au Texas les gens dit "les haricots" comme ca: Zydeco. La musique Zydeco, c'est la musique 'a danser! Aujourdhui, j'ai eu la bonne chance d'e'couter aux mes artistes pre'fe're's de zydeco. Ills sont:Geno Delafose, Lawrence "Black" Ardoin, et Jeffrey Broussard and the Creole Cowboys. Le "Garifuna Collective" sont un ... read more
Lawrence "Black" Ardoin
Aine' Garifuna
Garifuna drummer

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette April 1st 2008

Obfuscator writes: We left our Natchitoches (pronounced Nagodish, apparently) motel, and headed into the town. We discovered early on that the red dot that drew us to the town the previous night, had little bearing on the actual town. There was no site called “antebellum homes,” but luckily, there were plenty of other things that seemed pretty interesting. The historic downtown of Natchitoches has quite a few really old buildings and storefronts. There's a street running along the Cane River front that's paved with bricks, though about half of it was torn up at the time of our visit. Down near the river front there's a really old Creole house that was moved there. The construction is part wood, part clay, and part hair. It was pretty cool to see it, since it was so old. ... read more
Flowers hanging in Natchitoches.
Roque House, ca. 1790
Old Courthouse in Natchitoches

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette March 30th 2007

We had a great time in Lafayette, Louisiana. We camped at the Acadian Village Campground. It was nicely located close to attractions, yet we were more in the country. It was $18 per night with water and electric. On Saturday the Acadian Village had their annual Rice and Gravy Festival. That day we paid the $6 admission fee to tour the Acadian Village and participate in the festival. The village is designed to recreate a typical 1800’s Cajun village. There are 23 buildings, of which 8 are authentic homes from the 19th century. There is a waterway running through the village with multiple bridges. The homes had front porches where a lot of activity occurred. The front porch was basically considered another room in this hot climate. We took advantage of one of the front porches ... read more
Acadian Village 1
Acadian Village 3
Acadian Village 4

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette December 6th 2006

Mainly Fine 22c Apologies in advance for the wordy blog entry. Just blame the Hollywood celebs for making it into MY blog. I was 2metres away from the “it” couple Brad & Angelina Pitt! You know when you look at someone and they look familiar but you can’t quite place it? Well.. that’s what happened to me. I was getting a haircut in Uptown New Orleans when Brad & Angelina just strolled past. Ten seconds later when everyone in salon was going “Ohh MY GOD” it finally clicked. Damn!! If I was in LA I would have been on guard, but not here in a quiet unassuming street in New Orleans. Apparently Brad was watching footy in a bar across the street and was chatting to the locals. So yeah.. if I had my priorities right ... read more
Garden District Houses
Acadian Village
Acadian Lake & more houses!

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