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North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette April 6th 2017

Après Nouvelle Orléans nous avons décidé de visiter Lafayette puisque c'est un des endroits où les Acadiens ont été déportés. A Lafayette tout parle de l'Acadie: Le boulevard Évangéline, la statue d'Évangeline, le camping Acadiana, le mail Acadiana ...bref plein de noms français. Ici les Acadiens portent le nom de 'cajuns''. Ils aiment beaucoup se réunir pour manger et faire de la musique. Ils mangent du boudin, qui n'est pas le boudin que nous connaissons mais une saucisse faite de riz et poisson ou de riz et tout autres choses! (malheureusement on y pas goûté!). Tous les samedis et dimanches, il y a de la musique et des chansons dans la grande salle du Village d'antan Vermillion, ça chante en français et en anglais. Nous avons fait aussi une très belle visite à la manufacture de ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette August 9th 2015

Geo: 30.2204, -92.0171We had a long travel day today, so we decided to get an early start. We left our hotel at 7:30 AM and 82 degrees with clear skies and headed for Lafayette, LA. Yes, the day began warm and only got warmer. By noon it was 97 degrees and topped out at 100 for most of the afternoon. They are definitely having a heat wave down here. Guess we need to return to Florida just to cool off. I love Texas. And today did not disappoint. But first we had to navigate the maze of raised roadways. Texas loves their tangles of roads and we drove up over some and under others and around some as well. With a good GPS it would be a piece of cake, however, the lady in the box ... read more
Fort Worth
Erector sets on steroids

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette July 3rd 2015

Bonjour à tous, Mauvaise nuit, une bande de merdeux black, clients de l'hôtel, a semée le bazar, pour commencer, dans la piscine et après dans les couloirs. La direction de l'hôtel est intervenue, mais un peu tard. ce qui fait que la nuit a été coute. Malgré tout à 7h45 j'étais sur le frontwalk de Bâton Rouge. Bâton Rouge c'est 230 000 habitants, 450 000 pour l'agglomération. c'est le 7eme port marchand des USA, malgré son éloignement de près de 100 km du golf du Mexique. La principale activité est la pétrochimie. Touristiquement, à part le Capitole, qui est magnifique, et les casinos, peu de chose sont conseillées dans cette ville. Le guide conseil fortement de ne pas rater la route de Bâton Rouge à la Nouvelle Orléans, docile, je suis le conseil. C'est vrai qu'il ... read more
Houma old town
le Capitole de bâton Rouge

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette February 14th 2015

Geo: 30.2204, -92.0171... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette January 25th 2015

Left Houston with at least the sun shining - no rain but still pretty cold - decided to take a drive south down to Galveston - very pretty along the seawall area - lots of holiday condos. Instead of going back in towards Houston took the car ferry across the bay to get enroute for Blake and Suzy's in Layfayette. Arrived at their house around 2.00p.m. - had an absolute blast staying with them they are a lot of fun and had prepared this amazing Cajun dinner with Suzy using her new Green Egg smoking BBQ for the salmon, mushrooms and meats - had the most wonderful venison and deer sausages as well as pulled pork and pulled brisket - stunning! absolutely delicious! Their gorgeous neighbors also joined us for dinner Dee and Jim, Melissa and ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette August 1st 2014

Tror vädrey här borta härmar det hemma i sverige. Vaknade i morse till att regnet öste ner och det blixtrade. Två som slog ner nånstans i närheten. Aldrig hört så hög smäll tidigare från åskan. Men var snabbt över iaf. Trist att packa ihop blöta tält. Får hoppas det är soligt när vi ska slå upp dom igen. Nu väntar två hotellnätter i new Orleans iaf. En kassörska idag som först inte trodde på att jag va från Sverige. :P Så fick prata lite mer, så hörde hon vist nån slags brytning.... ;P jag som trodde jag pratade perfekt engelska...... Eller inte ;)... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette August 1st 2014

Har nu lämnat Texas och kommit in i Lafayette i Louisiana. Bara varit på campingen sen vi kom hit. Antar det inte är så mycket att se. Bara mellanlandning påväg till New Orleans. Har dock haft hemliga julafton idag... av nån anledning... så varit klappupdelning, julmusik och pepparkaksbygge. Några roliga grejer som hänt. Träffade på två dagar två stycken i Texas som när jag sa att jag va från Sverige så frågade dom om deras efternamn var svenskt... och jo det va dom båda två. Persson (peerson) och Åberg (Aberg). Åkte förbi ett ikea idag också som hade "Svensk kräftfestival". Var lite sugen på att stanna... Ska köra en omgång masterchef till middagarna, där vi bedömmer varandra hur gott maten var. Tänkte jag får slå till med min triumf då... swedish meatballs. Kan ju inte misslyckas? ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette October 17th 2013

We are here today at Cajun Palms RV Resort in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our “Plan A” was to be in Hot Springs (National Park) yesterday, but instead we diverted to San Antonio and then here. This place is huge – over 300 sites and, today, relatively empty. Apparently, every site will be occupied this weekend when the park sponsors a great Halloween gala. This park must be heaven for kids, as well as parents as there are multiple pools with water slides large and small, surrounded by Tiki bars and grills where the parents can sit and watch the kids play. We are hoping that the sun will come out this afternoon so we can take advantage of the amenities here. Adjacent to the park is “Crawfish Town USA,” a restaurant as well as a market featuring ... read more
Our Cajun RV Site
One of The Many Pools
Lindsay at Crawfish Town

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette March 28th 2013

Headed west on Route 10. Florida was sunny but the wind was constant and had a real bite to it (hence the winter hats and jackets) Took a long walk this morning through the Fort Pickens military conquers and watched the Blue Angels practice across the water- Jordan got some great pictures we'll share from our next camp. Just picked up some groceries outside of Baton Rouge - everyone greeted us with a y'all, the deli lady had no teeth, and everything was over priced! Should reach Kisatchie National Forest tonight and we'll find 'home' in the morning- hopefully a little more private than an open field and warm showers this time! XO SP*... read more

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