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North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette August 12th 2012

We left Galveston a little heavy hearted. We all wanted to stay another week here, but we had more adventure waiting for us. The kids were looking forward to the swamp tour and seeing some alligators. The adults were looking forward to some Cajun food. My parents had been to Lafayette 20 years ago and had gone to a restaurant called Prejeans. I looked it up before I left and found that the place was still open. It was on our bucket list as a "must eat" restaurant. The only way to the mainland from Galveston heading east was via ferry. It is about a 20 minute ride and it was beautiful in the morning. We got right on the ferry and left and were delighted to see a pod of dolphins swarming a shrimp boat ... read more
Headed to Port Bolivar
Megan and I on the ferry
Family photo

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette April 16th 2012

Well had a wonderful dinner at Mulates, great food and loads of Cajun dancing, we all had a fun night! Sunday Tim and Debbie went to mass at Blake's Uni Loyola early, (a stunning old church there) then we all headed down to the French Quarter once again, music and bands everywhere, oh and some sights for sore eyes too, went to Conservation Hall (a very famous music hall) in the heart of French Quarter. Gazing along the streets looking at all the different colored houses with their shutters and iron balconies is just beautiful. It was Mike Suzi's brothers birthday and he was heading back to Lafayette Sunday so met everyone at Acme Oyster Bar for brunch, wonderful oysters and most of us had a Poboy as well!! Spent the afternoon wandering from one stage ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette April 8th 2012

Finally arrived in Lafayette after 24 hours travelling. Had a really great trip, Premium economy seats from Sydney to Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, then an hours flight on a 40 seater down to Lafayette. Blake and Suzi live in a gorgeous community, it is Easter Sunday here today and having loads of family over for lunch and drinks around the pool, the weather is mid 20's and very bright and sunny. Everything is very clean, green here in the South. Have been for a drive around Lafayette town and it seems quite rural similar to Bendigo I would say. We are off to Baton Rouge tomorrow to the outlets to have a bit a spend up, looking forward to that, we are about one hour from the outlets at Gonzales just out of Baton Rouge.... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette October 20th 2011

Louisiana doesn't always get such a good rap . True, over the years it has probably earned its reputation for corruption in governments, hot steamy weather, a shambolic approach to reconstruction of its principle city and high crime levels. None of these factors did anything, as far as we were concerned, to outweigh the allure of possibly of catching some good blues, cajun and zydeco music, and getting some creole and cajun food at the source. We were also keen to have a little look at Dave Robicheaux's stamping ground and check out Treme. The state has always been high on our list of 'must sees' for the USA. At Natchez we decided that it would be good to drive down the Louisiana side which is closer to the river. It is just possible that we ... read more
blue heron
Steep bridge

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette June 9th 2011

Have added in the rest of the trip to New Orleans. We took the Southern route to New Oreans through the the Missippi River Delta (have a look at the map). We got into a thunderstorm where I had to pull over because the rain was so heavy that I couldn't see anything. Went to a a town called Franklyn (Photos of some of the houses included). Arrived in Morgan City where the freeway goes straight over the "city". Everything is called a city. I live in the "City of Dalhart" where 7,600 people live. Anyway Morgan City should be under water except that a levi keeps the Missippi back. The river is aoorox. 12 feet above normal (3.5m). I have attached some photos for you to see. The we rove on a freeway that goes ... read more
Peter In Fort Worth
Warning Sign
Water garden in Downtown Dallas

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette July 4th 2010

On this Independence Day I am feeling a new & real sense of my personal independence. Only 1 more day before I start my big adventure. My feelings are changing from nervousness to full on excitement. I spent the day with my friend Mary Ann, her story about her trip alone to England was the seed planted for my own adventure. My friends support leads me to believe I can pull this off and not only walk away from it able to stand but having absorbed knowledge, insite and fun too. My mind is very open to the events that lie ahead. The last day I spent in NY came as a shocking dissapointment. I am ancious to replace those memories with pleasent ones. Doing this makes me realize the growth, blessings & achivements I had ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette June 24th 2010

Shared my plans with a few people. They were shocked. I need positive support & encouragement. I'll pray about it.... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette June 20th 2010

Today I purchased a ticket to see the Broadway show "Mary Poppins". Now it feels like I'll really be in NYC because I have a ticket to be in a seat, in a bldg, on a specific day and time. I have the first train ticket to MSY and the hostel reservation #. I'm starting to pack my things (slowly) and plan outfits to bring. I still havent told my family about this trip. I've shared my plans with my church family. They have all been very positive and quite helpfull. I expect the details to start comming together now.... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette June 1st 2010

Well its only been a week since we left savannah, but for some reason it seems much longer. for starters, we drove 400 miles out of savannah on the first day. thats double what i normally like to put the truck through, but she was running like a champ and i felt like driving, so on we went. we made it to the north side of tallahasse. we camped out in a walmart to get a good jump on the morning. during that evening i found an interesting tunnel/labyrinth system near by which i took it upon myself to investigate. well so what if it was a storm drain system from the walmart parking lot. whats that got to do with anything. its an amazing and dangerous policy in the south to sell beer at every ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette March 30th 2010

Spring has come to the deep South, Cajun country to be exact. Even with the cool March wind blowing in from the northwest, all of the trees are sporting baby leaves, and the Gypsy Outhouse is dusted with pollen. The Cypress are grand with their skirted trunks, knobby knees, and drippy Spanish moss. The lunch special at Big Al’s today was shrimp jambalaya and white beans. Steve ordered a crawfish poboy. Our friend Andie turned us on to some cool things to do in Lafayette, LA, and even though Steve always wants to go to New Orleans he’s giving some other parts of the bayou a chance (you just have to mention good music)! We have camped a little more than half of our trip, spending an average of $20 a night for a campsite. I’m ... read more
Sculptures in Lafayette
Sign in the Blue Moon Saloon
Taco Sisters

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