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July 28th 2016
Published: August 5th 2016
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Day 30 - Hutchinson

There are many cool things to do in Hutchinson. We could have seen the salt mines or the Cosmoshpere. Instead tony spent the morning at the Toyota dealer getting the transmission checked out while Anne and Michelle started some laundry and relaxed. Our Van was losing it's passing gear and we had transmission overheat code come up yesterday. Those are two very bad things to have happen when heading into the mountains. Turns out the transmission had been overfilled and needed a flush. Once that was taken care of we headed out to explore Hutchinson. We found a great cafe in an old firehouse for lunch and afterwards looked around the shops in downtown Hutchinson. In the afternoon we got a personalized tour of the dairy plant where Matt works as the Maintenance Leader. Anne and Michelle loved looking at the production lines and seeing all the parts of the plant. The plant supplies all the milk for Dillon's grocery stores as well as some other products like juice and flavored teas. After that we headed out to watch Matt play a double header with his softball team. After about 3 innings the sky stared to
Firehouse CafeFirehouse CafeFirehouse Cafe

They Kept the pole, but alas, no riding for customers.
get very dark. A sudden wind picked up and soon was blowing at 40 mph. We hustled our way out of the bleachers and up into a central building that had a large overhang and a large indoor snack bar. Within minutes the rain started. It was heavy and blowing pretty much horizontal thanks to the wind. The games were called off due to the storm and the resulting lakes left behind on the sports fields and parking lots. We headed back to the house and spent the evening talking and playing "One Night Ultimate Werewolf" until everyone was too tired to play anymore.

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