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November 27th 2007
Published: November 27th 2007
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Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii Wed 31st October 2007

Halloween and the Ozi Guys last night before they set off for Canada.

Woke up really late with that feeling when you know your'e not where you are supposed to be and wondering where the hell you are. Lifted my head of the pillow and realised i was in the Ozi's lads dorm and in Russells bed (Not with Russell!!!!) Looked across the room and i found Russell sleeping on top of all the rucksacks and snow boarding bags looking very uncomfortable but fast asleep lol.

Russell Woke and wanted to go for a spin in his car and invited me along which i gladly accepted so off we went. I thought this guy was crazy on his feet - hes just as bad if not worse when in a car. He was doing burn out after burn out, smoking rubber everywhere & leathering it everywhere. Crazy but Awesome. He then let me have a drive and joined in on the fun and burning of rubber lol.

Later that day Russell and Dan nealry got arrested and banged up as Russell did shit loads of doughnuts on a carpark whilst police were watching. Russ shit himself as he hasnt even got a license. Must of caught the police on a good day as they let them off. lucky sods!

Me and the Ozis then decided wed all hire motorbikes (see pic). Some how me and Craig got broke up from the rest. Then i lost craig cos his cap fell off and i didnt realise and carried on. I set off on my own to explore and get lost. Found this gorgeous cove / national park (see pics). Apparently its a good spot to see whales and see turtles when in season. Got absolutely drenched to the bone on way back as got caught in terrential downpour. I kid you not as was on my bike on a freeway doing 40mph..ish, the rain hitting me felt like stones and i was shivering my tits off & i couldnt see a thing through my sunglasses. Hell of an experience but very funny. Got totally lost for a time on way back to Waikiki but eventaully hooked back up with Ozi guys ready to warm up for tonight.

Got ready and warmed up for the halloween partys by consuming several beers back at the hostel. loads of the guys & girls at the hostel got dressed up. I didnt bother. The ozi guys decided to where there red hawaii shirt for the 3rd day running lol and also have mohawks.

Went for few drinks along the main stretch of Walkiki. The place was absolutely heaving and buzzing. Virtually Everyone was dressed up - I cant believe how big Haloween is in America / Hawaii. Ozi guys (especailly Russ and Dan) spent most of the few hours they had left in Walkiki indecently exposing themselves. Everyone found it really funny. Approx 8pm did our goodbyes (got invited to Canada with them again), Ozi Guys left for airport. Of course they didnt do the normal thing and get a taxi....but a big stretched out limo.

From there went back into town with Heather. Went to this cool roof top bar / club and partyed with group of americans we got in with again till the early hours. Not before long the shorts and slammers were out (again). Halloween in US is amazing, Had a very good night!

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29th November 2007

Sounds fun
Glad to see you are enjoying yourself.Those two birds from manchester look hot,hope you nailed one of them. I see that you have made some friends,it always helps. Wish i was there
29th November 2007

reply to Damian
Good to hear from you mate. Having a whale of a time decision ive ever made - just like you told me. Making loads and loads of friends. Problem is keeping in touch with them all. Met a few people from England who are on similar itinarys to me so ill be hooking up with them in New Zealand. Sky dive in 4 days!!!! Wish i was there..NOT! lol
29th November 2007

Hey love!
How are you? I miss you already :) Glad you're looking forward to NZ!! Hawaii pics look great... keep in touch, find me on Facebook, my email addy is my full name Kisses!
29th November 2007

Good luck
For your sky dive... what height? are you having it filmed too?- you'll love it, its fab!!! Take care... am sooo jealous xx
29th November 2007

Reply to Rach
Skydive is 14000 or 15000ft. Apparently youre free falling for a minute. Yes getting the DVD but i can tell you it wont be suitable for public viewing and will be X rated as i know the shit that is going to be coming out of my mouth lol x

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