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November 29th 2007
Published: November 29th 2007
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Oahu, Hawaii. 01st Nov 2007 (Last full day Oahu)

Woke up early...ish feeling a little dodgy after last nights festivities. Last day in Oahu so only 1 place i must see before i leave (Pearl Harbour)....otherwise im sure Wendy would kill me!!!! Got the local bus which takes about 1 hours to get to Pearl Harbour. On way got talking to a canadian couple which took my mind off feeling totally dehydrated and hungover. Soon as i arrived first priority fluids. Decided to take the full tour - works out at about $38 and included the submarine tour, US Arizona memorial, US Messuouri and Pacific aviation museum. Even though the museum was a bit poo and i walked around it in 10minutes Im so glad i did them all. First did the ww2 submarine tour where you walk around on your own with a headphone set that talks you through everything. Then walked around outside where they have examples of weapons, and machines used in ww2 and more recent ones. There is a memorial that lists all the US submarines and crew that was lost in WW2 and a history of the sub and its missions. From there i
pearl harbour 011107pearl harbour 011107pearl harbour 011107

Memorial for all the US Subs and sailers lost in WW2
did a walk along the sea front that has several plaques that explains what happened in pearl harbours attack and points out the locations in the harbour of everything. there is then a 30minute cinema show that again go through pearl harbour history and attack and some of the eye witness accounts. Then its a small boat trip out to the US Arizona memorial. The Arizona was destroyed during the attack and over 2000 people lost there lives on this ship alone. The memorial lists all the people that lost there lives on that ship that day. Pearl harbour is such a sad eary but amazing place. Whilst you are watching, reading and taking everything in, You can kind of imagine, take yourself back and see and feel everything that went on here all the death, distruction, chaos the noise of everything. Mid afternoon i went over to ford Island and quickly visited the pacific aviation museum. Whilst travelling over you can see original towers and buildings, warehouses that still stand from the pearl harbour attack. The building are all covered with bullet holes and damage caused by explosions. Last but not least went to US Moursurri (i know ive spelt it totally wrong!) This is the Battleship where on the deck the japanese officially surrendered. The original docuemtns and pictures are there on display. I stood on the precise spot where the docs were signed by the japenese emporer at the time. All done at pearl harbour....amazing place and a must see for everyone ever in hawaii. Will never forget it! Before i got the bus back got drenched again!!!!

Got back to Hostel and ive got new roomies. All very strange wierd people so im glad its my last night. went out that night with Bill (Vietnamese) and another guy from San Francisco (Total Whacko). Stayed out pretty late playing mainly pool and had a few beers only. Up early next day (6am...ish) as flying to Maui 8am.

Summary of Waikiki

Things ill always remember of Walkiki are firstly Pearl Harbour, the people and how nice and friendly everyone generally is and of course the Ozi guys from Melbourne. There are a few places i would have like to have seen and okay maybe i could have explored the island a little more if i wasnt partying so much (for example would have liked
pearl harbour 011107pearl harbour 011107pearl harbour 011107

1 of the gun Turrets of the Arizona. Over 60 years after the event oil still seeps out from below and up to the surface
to go to North Shore)...but i have no regrets spending time with those guys...i had some of my best times of my life and laughed virtually every minute of the day...enjoyed every minute with them. They constantly tried to persuade me to go over to Canada with them to work the slopes over Winter - as much as id have like to i had to decline as to soon into my round the world ticket and i probably would have been dead now. 1 regret is not getting contact details from Alexa, would have liked to have stayed in contact with her as she was such a nice lovely person. Someone nicked my Favourite aftershave (well gutted)....Bastards!!!!! Also since then realised im missing 2 pair of linen pants! Again P'd off but ill get over it. More important things in life than linen pants.

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pearl harbour 011107pearl harbour 011107
pearl harbour 011107

US Arizona Memorial
pearl harbour 011107pearl harbour 011107
pearl harbour 011107

The spot where the Japanese officially surrendered on the deck of US Messouri

30th November 2007

Mind and get a Pearl Necklace while at Pear harbour
30th November 2007

Real traveller now
Well, from your blog at pearl harbour,i can tell you're really into it now and not just a tourist. The change has come,you will be walking bare foot soon.You have to expect some losses on your travels,as not everyone has your best interests at heart. 99/100 every travelller looks out for one another. I am enjoying your blogs greatly you right just like you speak. Keep it up to date as it brightens my day looking at beaches rather than wet and windy littleborough.
1st December 2007

reply to Damian
Im already walking in bear foot (true fijian style) Also ive lost a pair of shoes and my flip flops are fucked so ive got a def lack of footwera. ! pair of trainers and there looking dirty and pretty fucked. Already had losses. Favourite after shave that was a guarenteed puller (not happy) and 2 pair of linen pants. Thanks for your comments, look forward to receiving them so keep them coming too. take care pal. Is frank still alive (not heard from him)

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