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November 27th 2007
Published: November 27th 2007
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Ozis appartment Beachside 301007Ozis appartment Beachside 301007Ozis appartment Beachside 301007

The carnage of The Ozi's appartment after the night of card games.

Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii. Tues 30th Oct 2007

Woke up 9.30..ish needless to say not feeling my best...still drunk! From what i can recolect - Had an amazing night. Not laughed and had so much fun in ages! Matt in bed and unconscious!

Went next door to see the Ozis and they were still in bed. Apparently some of the guys stayed out till 6-7am. Couldnt beleive the state of the room! (see pic). Laura and Sian were up as they were swimming with Dolphins (Dont know how they managed that!) All the Ozis dead so went down stairs for breakfast and tried to talk to Heather...not very sucessfully i think!

Decided best place for me is back to bed. Woke up late morning and went and said hi to Ozi's. A little bit more life this time. Russ and Fat Dan gone to rent a car. Eventually Dan turns up and makes us go and see the car they have hired. brand New Corvette (something like 6ltr 8cyl supercar)..very funny! Russ and Dan went off in car me and the rest of Ozi guys went down to the beach and sea to freshen up and soak up the rays. Matt still unconsious in bed (These Yanks cannot handle there beer).

Whilst at Beach got talked into joining them on a pub crawl thats happening tonight. How could i say no? Also saw Matt heading off for a surf (still totally wrecked!!!). Went to mcdonalds for late lunch then headed back to Hostel via the local ABC store (there everywhere in Oahu)
to stock up on beer for the soon to start card games. Got back to hostel and Russ and Dan turned up in there rented supercar. Totally revved the bollacks out of the engine (sounded like thunder so everyone came out of there rooms) and then he decided to do this big burn out in the car park so there was rubber smoke everywhere and stones flying up everywhere. It was totally crazy but everyone cheered and was laughing there heads off apart from the management who tried to chase him down the road lol lol lol. Its not supriseing that he wasnt aloud to brig the car back in the carpark after that. Hes lucky they didnt kick him out.

Card games started about 4pm. matt returned from Surfing (Still wrecked) and joined in. Russ and Dan shortly returned and joined in the games too. Soon the drinks was flowing and this mornings hangover was a distant memory. For the pub crawl we all decided to buy the same Hawaii shirt (brightest one we cound find). Got to pub crawl at 7pm and me and Russ had to walk all the way back as we forgot our ID!!!! again!!! Pub crawl was mental - more so than the previous night events. I met so many cool funny people not just in the pub crawl group - everyone joined in, got on really well and we ALL had an amazing booze fuelled night. there are many many more pics but unfortuately not for public viewing lol. Me and a couple of the mad Ozi guys and a couple of Ozi girls who were on the tour got thrown out of one of the pubs for having a sun lotion fight.....very funny i guess we deserved it! In all i think we did about 6 pubs and 2 clubs. Havnt got a clue what time we got in and how we got there and not suprisingly i didnt find my way to my own dorm and bed that night.

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Waikiki Pub crawl 301007Waikiki Pub crawl 301007
Waikiki Pub crawl 301007

Harrigate and Sarah from Manchester (Altrincham and Wilmslow) ....O and me and Ozi Dan

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