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November 27th 2007
Published: November 27th 2007
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Hawaii, Oahu, Waikiki Sun 28th October 2007

Arrived in Honolulu quite late on the 27th October and feeling a bit drunk. Got a taxi with Heather to Waikiki. First impressions of Hawaii, Oahu - little suprised on how built up and commercialised it was. In honesty thought it would be a much more rural and untouched!

Arrived at hostel and went straight out for food and more beers at the cheese cake factory. Had an awesome Pizza. Then just went exploring & for walk along the main stretch of walkiki. Got back to the dorm and met Alexa from San fransisco (had Just arrived). Had a chat but cant remeber what about as i was drunk and very tired and kept falling asleep whilst i was talking and listening lol.

Hawaii, Oahu, Waikiki Mon 29th October 2007

Woke up early to the sun shining. Chatted to Alexa (40yr old, she was one of the best rock climbers in the world, over in Hawaii to get away relationship probs she was having back home in San Fransisco) Rock climbing must have been her secret cos i sware she looked about 28. Thought i was been wound up & couldnt beleive it when i found out she was 40. Just chatted about the previous night and plans for the day.

Anyway, both heading for the beach for a lazy day. Before i hit the beach i did my usual exploration - headed towards the beach and walked a mile or so in 1 direction. Every now and again id stop off and sun bath / relax, soak up the rays for an hours or so. Walked all the way to the other side of walkiki along the beach again having several pits stops to go for a dip, relax, site see and take it all in. Headed back to the hostel late afternoon / early evening. Went back to the beach for a walk with Alexa to see sunset at the really nice view point. The sunset was amazing. Typical though i didnt have my camera and since i started travelling ive not seen another one 1/2 as good as the first one!!!! From there we both just chilled out on beach chatting about stuff back home and loads of other stuff. 1 major major regret is not getting contact details for Alexa cos she was such a nice person and so so easy to talk to and we got on really well!

Got back to Hostel and met new roomy (Matt from US). Went for a bite to eat with him. On the way out briefly met our new neighbours - bunch of guys from Melbourne Australia. Got refused drink in the first place cos i didnt have any ID. Couldnt believe it im bloody 32!!!! thats what i told them anyway. i soon learned that everywhere in Hawaii always asks for ID no matter how old you look. Got back from eating and thats when me and Matt met the guy from Melbourne again. We were soon were participating in the drinking card games and that was the start of a crazy crazy few days. We were all laughing and making so much noise we got kicked out of the recreation area and told to go to our dorms and play. Went to there dorm (see pics) and continued to play. We got a knock at the door and were told we had loads of complaints about noise and if we dont quieted down the police will come. Noise did not go down! Matt came up with the idea top go our on the town (approx 12.30). On the way out we saw the police coming so we all went back to the dorm and stayed quiet. police came to the dorm and basically give us all a good f'g and final warning! We thought best to go out on the town. Not sure where we went but it was one hell of a crazy night. Me and laura (English girl in pic) did something a bit mental / stupid. Got talking to this guy (seemed nice enough but dont know where he was from or if he was local) - he offered to take us back to the hostel. We ended up getting in his car. God knows where he took us but it took ages to get back but luckily we did get back. Havnt a clue what time it was but i so so needed my bed.

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Waikiki 281007Waikiki 281007
Waikiki 281007

Diamond Point - the Volcano in the distance
Beachside Hostel Waikiki 28/10/07pmBeachside Hostel Waikiki 28/10/07pm
Beachside Hostel Waikiki 28/10/07pm

In my Neighbours dorm. Say hello to the crazy bunch. this was the start of a mental mental crazy few days. From left..Matt (my roomy, from US just been working on cruise ships for last 3 months). Craig (crazy Oz guy from melbourne). Dan hewitt (crazy Oz from melbourne). Fat Dan (crazy oz guy from melbourne), Russell (Craziest, funniest F*cker ive ever met from Oz melbourne). The girls Sian on the right, cant remeber other girls name - both from england. Picture was taken during drinking card game interval.
Beachside Hostel Waikiki 28/10/07pmBeachside Hostel Waikiki 28/10/07pm
Beachside Hostel Waikiki 28/10/07pm

drinking card game in Neighbours dorm.

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