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November 30th 2007
Published: November 30th 2007
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Maui, hawaii 071107Maui, hawaii 071107Maui, hawaii 071107

From left. Chuck (Tacho man), Me and Lance. All feeling very delicate maybe drunk from night before

Maui, Hawaii. 7th Nov 2007

The day i thought i was a gonner

Woke feeling very very tired and drained. Good day for relaxing on a beach i though and a spot of snorkling. Arrived at the supermarket for supplies. The usual a few cans of corona and for some strange reason i got a energy pick me up drink.

Arrived at the beach (water pretty rough and fairly high waves). Got my snorkling gear on and off i went. Felt a little uneasy from the first minute but thought nothing much of it.

Went along the rocks out of the cove and was okay...spotted a big sea turtle and was swimming with it for a bit which was very cool. Then all of a sudden i got a bit spooked (maybe something to do with the strong current) and panic set inn and before i knew it i was like having a full blown panic attack and couldnt swim which is a prob when your in faily rough sea and in 20ft of water. To summarise i thought i was gonna and was going under for last time and staying there for good then a big
Kaanapali  Beach  071107Kaanapali  Beach  071107Kaanapali Beach 071107

The beach where i was nearly a gonner, snorkling around the rocks (far left of picture)
wave came and washed me up against some rocks. I manage to climb out with no more than a few cuts to my legs, trembling like hell and my heart beating out of chest. Luckily i literally didnt shit myself! Unfortuneately i had to go back in water and swim to shore...F'g great!!!! Took me over 30 minutes to pluck courage up and get back in water. Thankgod i made it without too many probs - even though i was totally whacking myself all the time when in the water. Needless to say i stayed out of the water and was pretty quiet for the rest of the day and was very shaken up by it all. Only a few people at the time new what had happened (the canadian girls, grace and Alex) but later Kat told me she new something had happended as soon as i returned back to the group at other end of the beach. I guess that was my little reminder on how precious life is and you should make the most of it whilst you can.

From the beach we went into Lahaina. Very nice place and got a really good vibe and
Lahaina 071107Lahaina 071107Lahaina 071107

Budhist Temple in Lahaina
atmosphre to it. Lots of nice places to eat, shops and drink. Had the biggest basket of Chicken wings ive ever seen for about $9. There must have been easily 30 and it was a starter lol. Very nice too.

From there went back to the best hostel or any place i have stayed (the banana bungalow) had participated in the usual socialising, laughing, silly games & festivities and tried to take my mid off things. I think it worked!!!

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Lahaina 071107Lahaina 071107
Lahaina 071107

Budhist Temple
Lahaina 071107Lahaina 071107
Lahaina 071107

Evening drinks in Lahaina. From left - Grace (person that helped me the most after i thought i was a gonner), Kathy, Becki (canadians)
Lahaina Beach  071107Lahaina Beach  071107
Lahaina Beach 071107

Drinking time in Lahaina after a very traumatic day
banana bungalow 071107banana bungalow 071107
banana bungalow 071107

My last full night a banana bugalow. Me and Kat (lovely girl from Cheltenham)

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