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December 2nd 2007
Published: December 2nd 2007
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Kihei, Maui  081107Kihei, Maui  081107Kihei, Maui 081107

Big Beach Kihei Maui

Maui, Hawaii 08th October 2007

Beach tour today to Kihei and big beach and little beach. Weather looking good.

The usual crew got together and went in Garys tour bus. No snorkling for me today. Still really spooked by it all so prob best i have a day in the sun however maybe im best to just get back into the water as soon as possible.

Called off at super market for supplies and stocked up on necessaties (Corona). Arrived at Kihei beach (Beautiful!!) Me, Kat Sunbathed whilst the rest went snorkling. Stayed here for about 2 1/2 hours but big black cloud coming over!!!!

Short drive to big and little beach. ( Little beach is Nudist beach - optional). We went to big beach. The beach was really nice and the waves were giant and crashing into the shore. Some of the guys went snorkling again. Grace came back fairly soon a little shaken as she got kind of spooked cos of the very strong currents. Most of the group then went in body surfing the big waves it looked so so much fun. I would have been the first in the water 48hours ago. Part of me was stil lreally scared tpo go back in but part of me wanted so much to get back in and have some fun. Grace returned to shore grying her eyes out as a wave had wiped her crashing on to her and before she could get her bearings another would hit her. She thought she was a gonner like i did 24hours ago.

I eventually deceided what the hell and hit the water. First decent wave that came along i tried to body surf it. I got toally wiped out, did abouit 3 somersaults in the water and i washedup on shore virtuallt tied in a knot and full of sand. Not the best 1st bodysury but it was awesome, so much fun so off i went straight back in. Some of the waves must have been 12-15ft high. The very last wave of the day for us was the biggest 1. I got totally wiped out and the wave crashed right on top of me. My back and neck cracked in about 3 places and i was tossed like a rag doll. Had a stiff neck for a few days after that. Again though it
big beachbig beachbig beach

In Kihei, Maui 081107
was awesome and i was alive.

Went into Kihei for late afternoon drinks. Re-arranged the pub a bit so we could all sit together. Bar girl banged her leg (was a big bang!!) - she wasnt impressed lol. Bought myself a new Hawaii shirt for my last night. Nearly lost my wallet. Left it in the shop i bought the shirt from. Went back it was still there....very lucky (again). Thomas's St Christopher and Wendy's Guardian angel are definetly looking after me.

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Big Beach, Maui 081107Big Beach, Maui 081107
Big Beach, Maui 081107

Body surfing. Im the 1 in middle - making peace with the ocean.
big beach, Maui 081107big beach, Maui 081107
big beach, Maui 081107

Me and alex just after riding a wave or more than likely just been totally wiped out.
Kihei MauiKihei Maui
Kihei Maui

Guess what - more drinking after a very tiring day sun =bathing and body surfing.
Banana Bungalow maui 081107Banana Bungalow maui 081107
Banana Bungalow maui 081107

My last night at Ban Bunalow and Maui. The room 11 posse!

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