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February 19th 2019
Published: February 20th 2019
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Unfortunately, Dan & Marilyn's trip had to be cut a couple days short for family reasons. So Tuesday was their last day here and their flight departs at 10:30 PM. And, we had bad luck with the weather again. It rained all day. The second such day on the whole trip, but we have had a lot of amazingly beautiful days.

We left early for the airport because the last rainy day the one highway across the island was jammed with traffic. We took advantage of leaving early by driving to the quaint town of Paia to have our farewell dinner at Charley's. It's one of my favorite places on the island, right on the road to Hana and near the Haleakala volcano. It's also one of Willie Nelson's favorites, too. He has an upcountry ranch near here and comes in to play at Charley's when he's here. (so they claim, I've never seen him) They had a real good musician playing that night; a guy who has toured with Willie in the past. The place has a lot of character and darn good food, too. It's a must for a great breakfast before making the Road to
Shower Wraps.Shower Wraps.Shower Wraps.

Marilyn's gift that she had monogrammed.
Hana or Summit of Haleakala trips. Charley's

We hated to see them go. We always get along so well and always have a lot of fun together. We've had many travel adventures together; an Ireland trip, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, a three island visit to Hawaii, and an Alaska cruise with another week on land there. If you're inclined to do so, you can check out our Alaska travel blog here: ReturnTo Alaska

We've seen so many wonderful places and we will always cherish the memories of traveling with our best friends. I'm sure there will be some future adventures together. I sure hope so. After all, the girls will have to get some more use out of the monogrammed shower wraps that Marilyn bought.


21st February 2019

Maybe we'll ck out Charlie's too on our drive to Hana
21st February 2019

We were sad to leave , but all good things must come to an end . Overall great trip as usual with Jan & Bob ! We cherish the memories of all our vacations together, & feel fortunate to have such good friends . Looking forward to next adventure !!

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