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North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina June 13th 2022

I’m woken by my alarm at the obscene time of 1.15am for today’s little exercise - a tour to the top of Mount Haleakala to watch the sunrise. Issy’s decided to give this one a miss, and perhaps unsurprisingly didn’t seem overly interested in my suggestion that she get up to cook me a nice Hawaiian breakfast before I head off. The Mount is an impressive 3,055 metres high. We read that it‘s thought to have last erupted back in 1790, and volcanologists “think” that it’s now dormant. I assume this means they think it probably won’t blow its top today, which of course means that it still might. I hope Issy doesn’t know something that I don’t and that’s why she’s still tucked up in bed as I head off into the night. I’ve been ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina June 12th 2022

We head off for a leisurely morning stroll along the Kapalua Coastal Trail which winds its way along the shore north of here. The Trail takes us past the calm, sandy and clearly very popular Kapalua Bay Beach. We pass a building hanging off the cliff face, which, if Google Maps is to be believed, is the Kapalua Cliff House. Apparently it's a wedding venue, and it seems it's been here since the 1940s. The reviews don't however seem to mention anything about weddings, most just noting that it's a good place from which to jump off the cliff. I suppose you could include this in the ceremony, but I think the bride might want to have a few lifeguards on hand if she's wearing any of the wedding dresses I'm used to seeing. One review ... read more
Kapalua Beach
Kapalua Bay
Kapalua Beach

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina June 10th 2022

Today we head off on our first venture beyond our shores since the dreaded COVID hit back in early 2020. The main reason is of course to go to Canada to visit our beloved daughter Emma, who we haven’t seen for going on three years. We’ll then be continuing on to Europe, for all up nearly three months away from the cold and gloom of Melbourne in winter. Organising travel seems to have become a lot more complicated in the intervening period. Every country now seems to have developed its own unique set of rules for managing its visitors in times of the dreaded virus. We discover that the EU tried to introduce some uniformity amongst its 27 member states by developing an entry form that all visitors could use. This seemed like a good idea ... read more
Issy looking very relaxed
Napili Bay
I’m looking fairly relaxed too…

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina June 16th 2021

We decided to go back to Slappy Cakes again for the kids to make pancakes because they love doing it so much, this time with Jerry and Nancy. Then we made a quick drive up to Kapalua to see the golf course before heading back to the room and getting ready for a fun day at the resort. We all went out to the beach to play in the sand and ocean with whatever the kids came up with. Nathan wanted to build a volcano of sand with Steve and Vivian that would erupt, while Rosie swam as much as possible in the ocean with Nancy and Tory. The girls came up with a fun idea to lay on their bellies pretending to be mermaids as the waves came and crashed on them, then Nathan joined ... read more
3 buds in the tub
Slappy cakes part 2
Nancy reading to the girls

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina January 30th 2020

What else can go wrong? I accidenally published this blog entry withut the photo captions. Sigh. The rest of the tet is the same. The saga continues… I was in considerable pain from the left hip down to my ankle. Barb and Dianne drove me to the ER at Maui Memorial Hospital where I got to hurry up and wait for someone to talk to. The triage nurse was hilarious. After asking all the important questions he turned with a serious look on his face and asked if I had considered that it might just be "old man's disease". I'm pretty sure he knew his audience and wouldn't have said that to just anyone. They did x-ray my hip area and assured me that wasn’t a problem (I was concerned after my fall a few years ... read more
A view from the resort
Banana plant

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina January 24th 2020

We were very happy that our trip hadn't been delayed any longer as on our first morning in Maui the resort put on a breakfast out on the main patio. Lots of fruit, cornbread, muffins, cinnamon buns and great fun. The resort manager is a native Hawaiian and he gave a great talk on reverence for the sea and some of the local customs. He also gave a great presentation on how to process a coconut into coconut milk. He also demonstrated how to turn the husks into rope by holding one end in his toes and braiding the strands. Fascinating. Because they go to Maui regularly, Barb and Bob have developed a series of regular walks. This made it very easy to see the sights of Napili. It's a beautiful area north of the resort ... read more
Maria Lanakila Church
Banyan Tree
Typical scene

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina January 15th 2020

Well, we are actually back in Canada after two weeks on Maui. Where was the blog you say? In the excitement described herein, I managed to lose my computer charge cord and my iPad Mini isn't up to the job of blogging. So back to the beginning... In 1994, Dianne and I went to Hawaii. We had such a great time that we said we should come back "next year". Well, next year finally arrived, albeit 26 years later. Friends go to Maui every year in the January time frame so we decided to bite the bullet and join them for a couple of weeks. The weather in the south coast area of B.C. has been a bit weird this year. Snow and strong winds have played havoc with ferry and air travel. Because we had ... read more
Victoria airport
Day one in Victoria
More of the same on Day Two

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina July 11th 2019

While spending two months with family on Oahu, my husband and I decided to take a side trip to Maui. It was the last of the larger Hawaiian islands that we had not visited and felt it was a good time to check it out. We boarded the plane late in the afternoon, got settled in and waited for take off which we did promptly. When our wheels lifted off the tarmac I glanced at my watch ( 4:30 p.m. ), the flight attendants had enough time to efficiently deliver water or pog juice and a pak of pretzels. 5 minutes later the attendants did a pass through for used containers and took their seats for landing before our wheels glided onto the tarmac. Glancing at my watch one more time I noted that lift off ... read more
Nice spot for paddle boards
Nap time
Watching the ships go by

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina April 8th 2019

Today we woke up in Maui. Well, actually we are anchored off the coast and had to use the ship’s tenders (lifeboats) to ferry our way across to the island. They simply do not have a pier large enough to accommodate our ship. We had an early excursion so we started with a 6:15 wake-up call. David went to the Horizon Court to get some drinks and then to the International Café for Breakfast Sandwiches (very similar to Egg McMuffins) and pastries. All this was because we had to be in the Crown Grill by 7:30 – which we were. Most of the people were sent down all the steps in the Princess Theater, but because we had a walking stick we stayed in the restaurant and were given advanced notice when it was time to ... read more
Very Colorful Fish
Small Octopus

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina February 20th 2019

This being Jan and my last full day on Maui, I wanted to start with breakfast at Cheeseburger in Paradise, one of my favorite things to do while here. They have a great breakfast and good Bloody Marys. Well that was the plan as of last night. As it turned out, we didn't get going early enough to make the 11:00 AM breakfast deadline (Alert The Press!), so It would be lunch instead. It was a fabulous day, severe clear and 81 degrees. After Jan got me mellowed out with two Bloodies, she asked me to go shopping with her. Just a few shops she said. Those of you that know me know that shopping is not something I do very often, close to never. When she told me that she wanted to find something for ... read more
Last Maui Sunset
Kitch'n Cook'd
Cheeseburger Jan

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