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February 13th 2019
Published: February 16th 2019
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17th Tee17th Tee17th Tee

Right on the ocean. Bay Course at Kapalua.
Yesterday after enjoying the waves and rainbows from our lanai all morning and enjoying a nice breakfast cooked by Marilyn, we worked up the energy to go down to the pool and lie around there soaking up some sun. I guess we deserved a lazy day. The weather was gorgeous, 78 and sunny, nice for lying around. The big motivation for this day was to go to downtown Lahaina for dinner at the original Cheeseburger in Paradise. Lahaina is an old, historic whaling town and picturesque. We sat upstairs in the open air with a great view of the old whaling docks and sea.

The next day Dan and I had a tee time at the Kapalua Golf Course and Marilyn and Jan were going to do a zipline. We had a great breakfast at the Plantation House restaurant at Kapalua. As a friend of mine told me a few years ago, "the best Eggs Benedict anywhere." And true to our core nature, we also had to have one of their Bloody Mary's with the breakfast. True to HIS nature, Dan passed on the Eggs Benedict and had a tuna salad sandwich for breakfast. We then headed out for our separate adventures; Dan and I going to the Bay Course at Kapalua and the girls going to try a zipline. They hold a PGA tour event every January at Kapalua at the Plantation Course, but that course was closed for a $20 million renovation. So we played the Bay Course which is a bit easier, but just as scenic with holes 16, 17 and 18 right on the rocky shores of the Pacific. Unfortunately because of the recent rains, the course rule was cart paths only, so Dan and I got plenty of cardio along with plenty of swings in. We walked over 5 miles on a hilly course. I'll let you guess who won our match. (because it's impolite to brag)

Marilyn picked out one of the ziplines that was fairly easy since it was Jan's first try at it. It was not real high and it zipped over a dragon fruit farm.

By Marilyn:

Driving to the zip line was an experience in itself as we passed beautiful home sites with views of both the ocean and mountains and dreamed of relocating our families down here. The farm was 40+ acres of dragon fruit and coconut trees on a mountainside. The dragon fruit was not in season so we did not get the taste the unusual fruit at this time.

The zip line itself was tame enough for us spanning about 800 feet and only 20-40 feet above the ground. Our guides strapped us in the harnesses and lead us up the tower for our first of four trips. Jumping off of the tower was probably the scariest part of the experience as the wind was blowing and the height from the tower formidable. I went first safely landing at the base tower caught by a burly Hawaiian boy who helped me off of the line. Looking back at Jan I thought she was going to chicken out as I saw the gate to the tower open and then close again but she was just gathering herself and making sure she was ready. She made the jump and soared over to meet me at the second tower landing with a smile on her face. Our next runs were more comfortable and allowed us time to look around and enjoy the scenery while
Zip Line PullZip Line PullZip Line Pull

A gust of wind stopped Jan's ride so they had to pull her with a rope.
zipping. On our final turn I reached the second tower and turned to watch Jan's trip. About three quarters of the way through the ride she came to a dead halt and just dangled. The wind had gusted and stopped her progress. I began to laugh hysterically knowing how this would throw Jan off. She was holding onto the pulley for dear life wondering how they were going to rescue her. The team gathered a rope and guide pole which they lifted to Jan so they could pull her to the final destination.

We were done! Our legs felt like jelly and the after effects of the adrenaline rush left our hearts pounding and breath short. It was well worth it. We ended the adventure with fresh coconut water served to us by a young man from Carbondale who relocated to Hawaii. We learned that falling coconuts are responsible for more deaths each year than shark attacks!

Off to another escapade.

We capped off the day with an outstanding dinner at Fleetwood's on Front Street, owned by Mick Fleetwood. FleetwoodsonFrontSt


21st February 2019

Great Day
Enjoyed picturesque view of Pacific while upping my level of suckage on course ! Girls had fun too & we " sandwiched " activities with 2 great meals & cocktails .

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