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August 30th 2014
Published: June 20th 2017
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Do you know this fruit?Do you know this fruit?Do you know this fruit?

Do you know this fruit?
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They are really big on Farmer's Markets here on Kauai. When we checked in yesterday we were given a list of them - one for every day of the week. After a quick breakfast of cereal and coffee, we set out. This farmer's market is in the parking lot of Kauai Community Colleges, and not only are there a lot of people selling, there are a lot of people buying. Happily I remembered to bring a reusable bag with us from home and have it today.

There are fruits, flowers, veggies, local coffee, food trucks and a humane society tent. There are handmade jewelry tents, a woman weaving palm fronds into gorgeous baskets, local honey and eggs. Organic, non GMO and "picked this morning"

Do you know what this fruit is? If you are the first person to comment with the correct answer on Travelpod, I will bring you some Kauai Kookies (the cookies are very good - I've already eaten two bags of them!). Need more of a clue? There is a photo of this fruit, sliced, in the photos below. Note: if you have already won a prize you can't win another, so Robin, you are

Beautiful eggplants
We spent a long time at the farmer's market

Below is a photo of our flowers ($2!) and some of the fruit we bought.

After loading all our goodies back into the car we drove around the island for a couple of hours. The scenery is beautiful.... Oh, and we found a WalMart - I'm excited as they usually have postcards and souvenirs less expensively than the tourist shops. We'll stop there another time.
Eventually we made our way back home, unpacked our treasures and headed out for a walk on the beach.

The water is so rough on this side, but it makes for spectacular scenery. We walk quite a long way and back again.

We make a nice salad with lots of fresh ingredients and eat out on the lanai listening to the surf and the birds.

Heading to bed early because we have a big day planned for tomorrow and have to get an early start. Until then...

Additional photos below
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Itsy  bitty pineapplesItsy  bitty pineapples
Itsy bitty pineapples

Itsy bitty pineapples (We bought 3)
Jack fruitJack fruit
Jack fruit

Jack fruit (have no clue!)
Fresh flowersFresh flowers
Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers
Inside the mystery fruitInside the mystery fruit
Inside the mystery fruit

Inside the mystery fruit
Some of our fruitSome of our fruit
Some of our fruit

Some of our fruit - including the biggest avocado and BEST mango I've ever eaten!


5th September 2014

Good thing I jumped in on an easy quiz! Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves, as always...
5th September 2014

Dragon fruit!!!!!
5th September 2014

It is dragon fruit or pitaya in Spanish. :-) It is delicious as a fresh fruit drink with a little bit of lime.

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