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August 29th 2014
Published: June 20th 2017
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Our last sunset on MauiOur last sunset on MauiOur last sunset on Maui

Our last sunset on Maui
Geo: 21.9733, -159.354

Today we are leaving Maui and heading for a week on Kauai. Our flight to Kauai isn't until to 2:30 so we have a leisurely morning. Packing, eating up the few groceries we have left, saying goodbye to our cute little condo right on the beach.
We stop to top off the tank before returning the rental car and arrive at the airport in good time. We check in and need to find a secluded spot as the only thing that we didn't eat finish yet is 2 cans of beer! Jeff asks me, "Where are my glasses?" Hmmmm.... He remembers having his prescription reading glasses when we got gas. He heads back outside the airport to get BACK on the Budget rental car shuttle to go back and see if his glasses are still in the rental car. I wander into a semi-secluded spot, smiling cheerfully (and, I hope, innocently) at the passing TSA person as I chug my beer. Jeff returns glasses-less. I hand him his beer and he downs it. Wish we had a couple more! We sit at our gate for about 90 minutes waiting for a flight that will take far less time. We are on the jetway to board. Jeff looks at me and says "Where's my hat?" Seriously???
He hurries back off the jetway to where we were sitting, eventually returning, hat in hand. It had fallen off the seat onto the floor and he's very lucky to have found it.The flight is too short to order booze!

Picking up the rental car on Kauai was speedy and since this condo is only 4 miles from the airport we're here in a flash. We are staying at the Wyndham Kaua'i Beach Villas in a one bedroom condo with a full kitchen AND a washer and dryer (yippee!). We check in, beg off the timeshare "welcome" crap - you have to talk to them to get your parking pass. I didn't even sit down and Jeff told them we just wanted to go take a nap (they thought we had flown in from Colorado) so, timeshare rigamarole averted.
The condo is very nice and if you stand in a certain spot and look diagonally you can see the ocean. LOLWe get unpacked and head out for groceries - the usual, except we did not buy any fruit or flowers thinking we can probably get those at the local farmer's market tomorrow.
When we return it has gotten dark but we walk around the complex. Very nice swimming area and outdoor barbecues. The surf here is very high and rough - Kauai is not known for it's snorkeling but for big wave surfing. We can hear the waves pounding the shore and decide to leave that bit of exploring until we can see what we're doing!
Until tomorrow....


4th September 2014

glass-less, but with beer and the hat, things could have been worse!! Sounds like the perfect trip.....(well, except for the Close Encounter).......two weeks at the beach in the tropics....I could use that right about now!
4th September 2014

The windward sides of the islands (east) plus the north and south shores (where the currents go around or between the islands) are where one usually finds rougher surf. Barrier reefs can help. Enjoy watching the waves - and be careful.

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