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North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona January 11th 2019

Lekeleke burial grounds At the end of our road there is a huge lava field that is a sacred Hawaiian historical sight. It marks the location of a huge battle in 1819. In the 1819 Battle of Kuamo‘o, Hawaiian forces clashed over the traditional kapu religious system. The dispute pitted the forces of Kekuaokalani, nephew of Kamehameha I, who sought to preserve the traditional system, against his cousin, Liholiho (Kamehameha II), who had abandoned the kapu system. Liholiho was victorious, but many warriors from both sides perished in battle and were buried on the property, including Kekuaokalani and his wife, Chiefess Manono. With her dying breath, Chiefess Manono is said to have uttered “Mālama kō aloha”‐ “keep your love”‐ a plea to both sides that no matter what obstacles come to Hawai‘i, keep your love ... read more
Malasada stop at Tex Drive In

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona January 4th 2019

Has anyone ever been to a Vanilla Bean Farm? I certainly had never thought to go before but today we were looking for something different to do on a hot day and The Vanillerie south of Kona beckoned so off we went. I have to say I was not particularly looking forward to the experience but I went along for the ride.....actually I had to go as I was driving! The tour took about 2 hours and was most fascinating. I learned a lot and was really glad I had gone. The farm itself occupies 6.5 acres and is owned by a chap from South Africa. He initially came to the island as a forester but it wasn’t making him a sustainable living. During that time he met a fellow from the Philippines who had grown ... read more
Clump of green vanilla beans
beans starting to yellow
Beans going into humidor

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona January 2nd 2019

Well, we are into the new year and are settling into a nice routine. I am getting up around 6:30 each morning and taking a walk up the hill to the Keauhou Shopping Cente where I have found a lovely coffee shop. I sit outside, enjoy a good cup of coffe, perhaps a banana scone and listen to the birds chirp as they wake up. Going up the hill each morning I encounter a few runners training for the Ironman competition. They run full speed straight uphill for 2 light poles (about 200 yards), then walk back down. They do this several makes me tired just watching them. I think I’d rather be a “clay man” are much softer but the training is not nearly so tiring! I walk back home in time for the ... read more
Christmas in Hawaii
Day at the beach
Kona sunset

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona December 31st 2018

After several challenges previously documented, everyone settled into our new home. We have stayed in Kona before at the Ali’i Villas but as there wasn’t a unit big enough for all of us, we tried a huge 2 bedroom unit at the Keauhou Surf and Racket Club, at the other end of Ali’i Drive. When booking a new place you try to make good decisions based on pictures and reviews. As we learned in Italy both pictures and reviews can be misleading at times. This was not the case in this instance! Our unit is on the ground floor. It is very spacious with two large bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, a large living room, fully equipped kitchen and a huge lanai that wraps around the condo with openings from both living room and master ... read more
Master bedroom
second bedroom

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Hilo October 29th 2018

Dateline: October 29, 2018 Hilo, Hawaii Lava, Macadamia Nuts and Black Sand After 4 ½ days at sea, we have sighted land! It’s 75 degrees with a heavy mist rain as we dock in Hilo on the big island of Hawaii. This is the only Hawaiian Island where we will take an organized tour. We are interested in seeing what has happened because of the recent volcanic eruptions. The lava flows stopped about 2 months ago but decimated a number of small towns and neighborhoods as it flowed to the sea. At one point, several months ago, the lava was flowing at 24 miles per hour, continuously, for two months and created 800 new acres of land. We get out our cruise cards and ID and head down the gangway to line up with our tour ... read more
Rainbow Falls
Banyon Tree Japanese Gardens
Rebirth from the Lava

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island September 19th 2018

Big Day on the Big Island. Over 300 miles and 12 hours later we circled the island. First stop was Kona Coffee Mill. Free Coffee tasting for all. I passed but it was supposed to be ok. Saw the coffee beans being dried before processing then walked through a lava tube located there. Round tube formed by lava. This one was big enough to walk through. These are found all over the island. From there headed south towards the southern most part of USA. Drove through the largest Macadamia Nut farm on the island which is owned by an Australian company. Stopped at a lookout to see the southern most point. The lookout was on a relatively recent - more than 65 years - lava flow so very little vegetation about. However the southern tip is ... read more
Lava Tube
Looking towards Southern Point

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kailua-Kona September 18th 2018

Well after two flights we are now in our Hotel in Kailua-Kona. Tim is in Waikiki with the school. It was a beautiful day in Honolulu when we were there. The airport was busy with several US Hornets taking off before us as we left Honolulu. The views back over Waikiki beach were really nice. Unfortunately a bit cloudy with patches of rain here in Kailua-Kona. Have an ocean front view but hoping the weather will be a bit better tomorrow. Walked along the ocean front and found a fish café for late lunch/early tea. It was really nice - especially the Peach Sangria!!... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Hilo June 20th 2018

img= 2018, 6 Volcano Helicopter Tour 7 views3 months ago img= 13:35 2018, 6 Volcano Eruption img= 2018, 6 Lava... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island April 22nd 2018

It turns out, that America’s 50th state is also our 50thstate! What a joy to be able to round off the states together. Growing up in Colorado but with a summer home in Maine, meant that many road trips were taken crisscrossing the continental United States. Some of these trips were taken as a whole family, four of us in our VW van, while many were taken just my dad and me. I have fond memories of singing along to musicals, playing with my dolls in the backseat, naming the states from the border around to the inner states from memory, visiting family, and picking out a fun activity or sight to visit each day. After our family trip to Alaska a few years ago, we only had ... read more
Poi Donut
Pearl Harbor
King Kamehameha

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Kamuela November 10th 2017

Helicopter to see the volcano. Pix follow. We leave tomorrow for Kauai.... read more

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