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December 18th 2008
Published: December 19th 2008
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Sticks and stonesSticks and stonesSticks and stones

On the tractor trailer going to pick up sticks!
Hi ya'll, thought I'd write a quickie whilst we've got free and easy access to the internet here on the Christian farm - we leave tomorrow to get to Miami for the 22nd (via Savannah on the Georgian coast). All I can do is reiterate M's comments on the last blog - it's fantastic here and we've had such a good time. It really reminds me of my younger carefree days when I travelled to live and work with others for a period of time away from home (e.g. PGL, archaeology in South France, Turtles in Greece) - everyone strangers at first but 'in it' together and ending up good friends having a great laugh with spontaneous adventures all the way. Just little things like playing a game of volleyball after lunch or having a tractor trailer ride to the pecan orchard makes me feel alive and nowhere else I'd rather be. Of course, having the beautiful warm weather helps bigtime. You could say we are shut off from the real world living out here but so what? People do live here full time and work hard to make the farm and community a success - they aren't interested in having
A taste of things to come?A taste of things to come?A taste of things to come?

Enhancing our CV's for when we arrive jobless in the UK
lots of money or possessions, or even their own house, just a safe and happy existence. I never heard of an intentional community before coming here, but I can see why people choose to live in one, it's like an old-fashioned neighbourhood where everyone knows each other, and works for the greather good of the community. They even have a school here for the dozen or so children, and they learn cool stuff like guitars/pianos, kung fu and yoga, as well as the more traditional subjects of maths, English and science! Of course, places like this have their problems and challenges, but from what I can see, the benefits outweigh the negatives...we would like to return here again one day, and perhaps even look up some communities in the UK! It's been good to get in touch with our spiritual side too - M is actually reading the New Testament at the moment! I was reading the Grapes of Wrath, but gave up, too much like hard work. Most nights after work we sit on the porch overlooking the green watching the sunset, I with my cup of tea, M reading and writing - seems like bliss to me. Don't worry we aren't turning into priests or anything but it feels good to reconnect with the simple things in life and live wholesomely. The Sunday church service was crazy good, people singing and dancing in the aisles and the preacher really getting into his sermon and sweating and shouting and rousing the audience into a fervour - this is what we came to see! And working in the pecan factory with the local women - dancing at random moments and I've even been teaching them estuary English and how to say 'butter' and 'water' the proper Essex way - they love my accent mum! We've seen baby goats just born and tonight was the 2nd annual musical chairs contest, and guess what - I won!! Ha ha, yes, this is a million miles from the real world indeed.
But tomorrow, after the Christmas lunch (complete with gift giving) we leave once again, first to Savannah on the coast and then all the ways south to party capital Miami - it's gonna be soooooo different but that's what we came here for - contrasts and to sample as much as possible. I'm trying to arrange to hook up with the local bird organisation there to do some birdwatching too - my list is growing guys but need to go out with some experts for once! Oh, and the price of gas here is ridiculous - it's cheaper than pepsi and orange juice for gawd's sake!! One pound buys a gallon of petrol, which is nearly three litres! No wonder they all drive here, which isn't a good in the grand scheme of things, but it works for us right now. Also, just wanna say how we love getting your comments and want more - especially from folk who we haven't heard from in - if you're reading this let us know how you are, we read them and might even reply personally!
Think that's all I gotta say right now, it's 7.30pm and time to make dinner soon - good ol' tinned chilli with rice or cheese omlette or hummus wraps - the possibilities are endless!
Bye for now xxx

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24th December 2008

Merry Crimble!
Hi you guys I'm loving the blogs ( I'm usually laughing so much that the first place I go is the loo! - no change there M ). We're all so pleased that you are both enjoying yourselves and are keeping well. All that fantastic scenery, different lifestyles and meeting some wonderful people along the way. Well who'd have thought it, you two going to a deep south Baptist church. I can see the halos shining from here (or is it just that the sun is shining over Basildon today). I've got to say it 'HALLELUJAH' (arms waving in the air). Have a great Christmas and New Year both of you. Love you both lots. Mum/Daphne and George xx

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