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April 7th 2022
Published: April 25th 2022
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As someone who grew up with Harry Potter when Universal built hogsmeade and diagon alley it had to go on my bucket list. And when I say grew up with Harry Potter- I read the first 2 books in 3rd grade and then the books just kept coming out until the last one came out my senior year of high school. I didn't notice that the first few books were kids books and then they matured because I just grew with them. Many people asked why if I was going to spend 2 days in Florida theme parks I picked universal and wasn't even going to Disney- that's why.

First thing is to anyone considering going to a theme park but they feel like they can't go alone and it's weird so they are waiting for someone to go with. It's not weird and it's sooo fun. You don't have to worry about someone else's budget, bathroom, interests or ride capabilities. You just do whatever you want to do. Plus can you say single rider line?!?! I got on soo many more rides than the general line riding solo and didn't have to pay $90 per pay for the express pass. It's fantastic. Only place you really pay a "solo traveler tax" is in accommodations and I stayed in a cheap airbnb 5 miles away and took a ride share each day (cheaper than parking!!!).

So summary of 2 days at Universal Florida (1 day in each park) is that Harry Potter world is amazing and crowded. Hagrid's motorcycle ride is the most expensive ride in the world and worth it. Butterbeer is delicious and I've had my fill of amusement parks for a few years. Definitely glad I went as a once in a lifetime thing but I feel like I've scratched the itch for a long time now. Each day I was able to get on each ride I wanted (basically every major ride) using the single rider line and soak up everything that artificial theme park amusement has for you.

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