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August 18th 2019
Published: August 18th 2019
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Back home. Ahhhh. Sleeping in my own bed, sitting in my own chair. Home cooking (by Steve). Warm temperatures and sunshine every day. Feels so good. It is fun to travel, but the best part, after all of the exploring and new experiences, is coming home. We spent the last 12 days visiting with family and friends. Thank-you, Betsy, for the use of your wonderful camp on Pear Pond.

So here are a few statistics…

We visited 29 states, two Canadian provinces, six American National Parks, two National Monuments, and three Canadian National Parks. We stayed in hotels 25 nights and 12 nights with friends and family or places that they own. We were on the road 37 days and ate food from many, many restaurants. We consumed 387 gallons of gas, covered 11,789 miles, and spent less money than you might think (I am told I could write a book on how to tour the US on a budget). Beamer did his business in uncountable places and found many treats under bureaus and beds everywhere that we stayed. He is in need of a bath and we are all in need of a good haircut. (Anthony, we will be seeing you very soon. Save us a place in line.)

Since this was a Trip Down Memory Lane, I guess I should comment on what places we revisited. Well, our visit to Rocky Mountain NP was our 5th, Mt. Rainier NP and Badlands were our 2nd, Glacier was our 4th , and driving along the Snake River was a throwback to 2017. Canadian parks Banff, Yoho and Glacier were our 3rd visit and Winter Park, CO was our 3rd. And, of course many of the states were repeats, since we have already been to all of them many times. It is going to be very difficult to come up with a new idea. With Beamer onboard, we are limited to places to which we can drive.

We did see a few new places. An extended visit to New Mexico was interesting, though I have to admit that there seems to be something there that we are both allergic to, so I can say one thing about NM…we will not be moving there at any time in the future.

We had a wonderful time, enjoyed the company of friends and family, many of whom we only see once every year or two. And, most importantly, we arrived back home safe and unscathed. The trip was virtually unblemished…no dents or scratches to our new car our to ourselves.

Thanks for following us. See you all next time.

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18th August 2019

Wow, what a trip!
Your stats are a good way to understand the scope of land you cover. We will cover about half your distance but our focus this time is family functions.
18th August 2019

Well, looks like Steve needs a vacation after all that driving, filling gas tanks, walking Beamer and now home cooking...whew! But, I know, you had writing, photo taking, editing and sending all your fantastic "blog" to many people to enjoy...What a Team you 2 make! Welcome Home.
18th August 2019

Thank You
Thank you for writing about your trip! I so enjoy reading you blog. Your descriptive words make everything come to life, just beautiful!💕

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