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December 16th 2010
Published: December 17th 2010
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Just a short one as today was a travel day and no pictures...all really like San Francisco and kids already talking about 'next time we come to San Francisco'...thats fine but they're paying!!!

Had breakfast at Fishermans Wharf, a last look around and then, because it was bitterly cold, caught the taxi to the airport a half hour early. Had been a little paranoid about airport security but check in at San Francisco was automated and very easy. Minor annoyance with the security screening but all painless.

Very new terminal and huge! We thought Schiphol was big but this terminal seemed enormous but very well set out and easy to get around.

4.5 hour flight to Orlando and good flight with good service. Spectacular views over some mountain ranges about 30-40 minutes out of San Francisco. Will try and work out what they were sometime but it was spectacular. Kids were awesome and just read their books...

Arrived Orlando a little ahead of schedule at around 10:20 pm local time (which was 7:20 pm San Francisco) and again the airport was brilliant and easy to find your way around. Picked up the rental car from Alamo but upgraded from a Nissan something that looked like a sewing machine with a hatch to a Chrysler Malibu...figure may as well drive American if driving in America!

Only fun part of the day was finding the Blue Heron Resort using a cartoon tourist map. But luck held and after asking for directions from Cletus (not his real name) who was too embarassed to say he had no idea and sent us off in any direction he thought might assist, we actually stumbled over it. Fortunate because we did not have a clue where we were or where we were going next. Sandy was already going through the roof with excitement cos she had seen three separate outlet malls and was already telling the kids what she was going to buy...rather than concentrating on working out which of the cartoon characters represented an interstate and which one meant an offramp...go figure!!

Arrived Blue Heron just around midnight with two very excited back seat passengers...the only way we were going to keep Caitlins decibels down was either by sedation or a gag. Needless to say, think the neighbours know we have arrived. Apartment is on the 12 floor looking out over the lake and a fairly spectacular view, will see it in daylight in a few hours.

Both in their bunks now and seconds from sleep...


17th December 2010

Pleased to hear that Sandy is as good and focussed when navigating as I am ...
17th December 2010

thre outlet malls OMG - as Lucy would say!!!! Just love starting the day with reading your blogs!! We look forward to them. Lucy had her last day at primary school yesterday - all went well - was a bit sad!! but is now taking great delight in saying that she does not go to any school at the moment!!!
17th December 2010

Outlet Mall
Outlet Mall was awesome!!! Only had a brief look around. Managed to purchase 7 pairs of shoes between us!!!!!

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