The Mystery of an African Safari

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August 8th 2008
Published: November 6th 2011
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This was arguably the best of the Disney Parks, or at least it was in our opinion. They areas that it is split into have more of an ecological theme to them, including Asia, Africa, dinosaurs and the like.

We went on the Kali River Rapids ride, which did warn you that you might get wet. Will get totally and completely drenched and will be squelching around in wet clothes for the rest of the day, would be more accurate. The worst thing was that it was the first ride we went on. And it was the second ride we went on, so we couldn’t complain too much.

The Expedition Everest roller coaster was fantastic. This actually went backwards at one point. We had Fast Passes for this one, but we still had to wait ages as it poured with rain and they closed the ride for a while. Not that it would have mattered to us, given how drenched we still were.

The biggest thing to go on here is the Kilimanjaro Safari. Here, you effectively drive through a wildlife park. It was pretty good as wildlife parks go, but it was spoilt as some of the
On SafariOn SafariOn Safari

Spotting crocs whilst on safari
animals were most definitely not real. A lone giraffe was stood right by a bus when we saw it from a distance and neither the bus nor the giraffe had moved when we saw them both again a little bit later. There was also all this put-on chat between our over enthusiastic bus driver and the recorded voice of an apparent African park ranger. Oh my god, a herd of bison have wondered on to the road and the nearby bridge has collapsed, what are we going to do? A lion is running high on pixie dust and has started to eat a busload of tourists?

We also enjoyed the Dinosaur ride, which had dinosaurs coming at you out of the dark.

The kids dragged us onto a ride called “It’s tough being a bug” – one of those 3D shows where you wear the special glasses. Obviously we had extremely low expectations, but surprisingly it was a very good show. It included a spay of water at the right times and also you were prodded from behind by your seat which made everyone (not me obviously) scream. There were also a couple of times when it felt
On SafariOn SafariOn Safari

Spotting elephants whilst on safari
like bugs were running through your seat, which got people a bit excited.

Apparently, according to this show, there are a million bugs (Disney speak for insects) for every other creature on the earth.

Again, there was the compulsory parade in the middle of the day.

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On SafariOn Safari
On Safari

Spotting flamingos whilst on safari
On SafariOn Safari
On Safari

Spotting a real (not fake) giraffe whilst on safari
Scenery of The Animal KingdomScenery of The Animal Kingdom
Scenery of The Animal Kingdom

Mount Everest and ancient Napal

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