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March 23rd 2006
Published: March 24th 2006
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Hello to everyone!

Where to start?! After having a migraine at Heathrow airport and having to take shoes etc off for a bag search, our flight actually turned out to be pretty smooth. Having never been on a long haul flight, or with any other carrier than Easy jet and Ryanair I was taken aback by the on board service and entertainment systems. Managed to stare at the screen for a whole movie without actually taking any of it in. I did watch the next one though and got over all the goings on around me. Some drunk guy went to the toliet and on his return he accussed this other bloke of sitting in his seat. It was so amusing, even the hostess was laughing out aloud.

When we got to the airport in Miami we were hounded by people offering to take us to South Beach. As i had emailed the hotel in advance to find out how much a taxi should cost ($38) we had a rough idea how much we should expect to pay. This dude with an amazing mullet said he was a shuttle bus driver and could do it for $30. After looking at his licence we hopped in his massive van thing with three others (two Germans and a Londoner), which had two tv's! The journey only took about 15mins and he dropped us right outside our hotel.

The hotel is of the art-deco era and is really nice. The room is really clean and funky and the bed is big. We just crashed the first night, as neither of us slept much on the flight. But we woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and went downstairs to have breakfast (will not be paying those prices again though!). The garden of the hotel is a pool flanked by deckchairs with a stream like feature running through the upper end. Then through this little gate at the end is the beach! We took full advantage of this and went to check it out this morning. As was so early the beach was not that busy and we even got beach towels from our hotel.

After a few hours chilling we decided to go for a walk around and check out the town. We walked up Collins Avenue and found Jerry's famous deli. We decided to sit inside and take advantage of the air con. We order and waited. When the meals turned up i could not believe the size of them!(Any of you that have been to Starz Bar in Exeter, imagine a meal nearly twice the size!) I think we could share a meal next time! Everything here is so big!

We checked the weather channel in the morning so we were expecting rain. But we didn't expect the sky to open up and pour down on us with quite so much force! We got soaked through. But on the up side have witnessed some fantastic thunder storms, not really beach weather though! Tomorrow is meant to rain in the morning but brighten up in the avo, fingers crossed!

So much for the little green man when crossing the road! everyone just goes, bit scared though as the cars just go too!

We are hoping to see a few sights tomorrow and maybe do a tour of some sort, we didnt make it to the information centre today but that may be our first port of call tomorrow!


24th March 2006

You've arrived !!
Glad you both got there ok and all in one piece chuppers ! Sounds lovely there, you'll be pleased to know the weather here is miserable, me and Leanne got back last night and just wanted to turn around and get back on the plane when walked out into the rain !! Look forward to your next update, have fun ! love Claire xxx
24th March 2006

Hey my lovely! Sounds like you’re having an awesome time even though the weather hasn’t lived up to its blue skies reputation. Ah the food everything is always fried but I guess larger portions means value for money for us smaller eaters ;p Can’t wait to see pics I love art deco reminds me of Grand Theft Auto the bright pinks and turquoise greeny blues hummm…flamingos and coconuts lol. Who are you with on this fabulous holiday? Forgot to ask but let me guess Carrie?? xx
25th March 2006

cant believe the rain
hey bird, sounds like a fantastic adventure already!! hope thats the last migrane for a long time!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx
26th March 2006

Good to hear you landed safe, sounds like it's all started know. Can't wait to hear what you get up to. take care
9th May 2006

hey girl!!!
was just chatting to linda n she pointed this out...you're a very entertaining writer!!!i'm at work reading this and you've transported me out the office to a far better place for a few moments (wish i was there!!!) keep enjoying your holiday babe, glad to know you're having lotsa fun!!! :O) stephxxx

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